<p>OK, so these are my grades so far in school, I failed Chemistry my Sophomore year, but I am taking it again senior year and I have a 100.</p>

<p>Grades: SM1,SM2</p>

English PreAp: 90,85
Geometry PreAp: 86,85
World Geo PreAp: 90,88
Spanish 2 PreAP: 83,80
Bio 1 PreAp: 91,90
Comp Sci AP: 86,79
Football: 100,100</p>

English PreAp: 89,94
Algebra 2 PreAp: 74,88
World History AP: 89,97
Spanish 3: 73,80
Chem 1: 70,65
Ceramics: 90,95
Football: 100,100</p>

English AP: 100,100
PreCal Pre Ap: 100,100
World Geo AP: 100,100
Physics AP: 100,100
Statistics AP:100,100
Psychology AP: 100,100
Human Geo AP: 100,100
Football: 100,100</p>

<p>Senior 1st semester will probably get all 100's like junior year</p>

<p>All in all GPA Weighted 104.94</p>



<p>Extra Info:
Fluent in 5 languages- Persian "Farci", Hindi, Gujrati, Urdu, English, and learning Arabic and Spanish</p>

<p>Over 300 hr community service</p>

<p>HOSA, a health oriented club VP</p>


<p>Started Red Cross Club-President</p>

<p>Gathered over 10,000 dollars from going around my community gathering donations for underprivileged children</p>

<p>Football Varsity since I was a sophomore, and it is one of the top HS football teams in the nation, also one of the reasons I slacked off Freshmen and sophomore year was because I tore 2 ligaments (ACL,Meniscus) and had therapy and schoolwork.</p>

<p>I know my first two years were not really good, but hopefully the last two will make up for them. I would also be interested in playing football for them, I have been contacted by div.2 colleges, but I really want to go here what are my chances? Also will failing Chem sophomore year ruin my chances?</p>

<p>How do you predict you will have a 100 in every class? That’s really impossible esp since you have never done it before</p>

<p>what kind of school do you attend? your stats are really confusing</p>

<p>ZombieDante I have already gotten a 100 in every class Junior year, and my first semester of senior year is the same including the chem class i failed sophomore year. Also all my classes Junior and Senior year were pre-ap or AP besides football.</p>

<p>Also stealthyscholar whats confusing i’ll explain it.</p>