Failing my classes horribly should I just drop out?

I forgot to mention at my community college I took Calculus 1,2 and Chemistry for my major engineering and it was not tough at all… maybe this school is way to challenging for me :frowning: So many people from all over the world goes here which makes this a very great school. However, they know so much more than me and the teacher expects students to learn at a very high level. I just think maybe the school is too much for me and I should transfer to another school… I want to be an engineer but struggling like this and I am at the very beginning is not going to get me there.

The first semester is always a tough transition. You need to find other students to study with and get help at the tutoring center. Also, go speak to your faculty advisor and discuss the situation. If you do not feel comfortable talking to him/her PM me and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Thank you Xraymancs! It turns out I did pretty good my first year! :slight_smile: I am also considering to minor in Psychology. Do you think a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Psychology will be valuable in the job market?

I think that a psychology minor is not terribly useful, take the most psychology courses you can for general education requirements and then you can see once you are in your Junior year. personally, I think business courses would be more valuable as a practicing engineer.