Failing my first business calculus exam before transfering from CC got accepted into cal poly pomona

Hey, I’m a community college student and just got accepted into Cal poly Pomona for international business. This is my last semester at a community college before I transfer to CPP in the fall and I’m doing really poorly in calculus for business (math-141). Recently failed my first calculus for business exam and now i have a 50% in the class. There are 2 more exams i believe. Thinking if I can still get accepted if I withdraw from the class. I have more than enough credits if I withdraw although math 141 is required to transfer and that’s the only class that I need before transferring. Unfortunately, that class is a spring only class, not available in the fall or summer. Don’t know what to do any advice? I was never a math person at all and the fact that I got in a big car crash and totalled my car 2 weeks prior to the exam made it worse.

ASSIST pages like says that calculus for business is required, but regular (harder) calculus is accepted as well, for the international business major at CPP.

Contact CPP to find out whether you would be inadmissible to the major if you dropped the course.

Try to speak with your Calculus Professor and at least pass this class with a C.
It is possible if you put the hard work in it. I also was not a Math person but hard work and dedication pay off.
Bonne chance