Failing Senior Year

<p>Just wondering, say if I had a B in a class the first quater and then got an A the second quater, how would colleges look at that? Is the first B gonna hurt a lot even though I got an A the second quater?</p>

<p>how in the world is that failing?
senior grades arent that vital, esp if you applied early.
honestly. failing..

<p>FAILING??!? A B is failing now????</p>

<p>yeah it wont matter for EA
but what if you're applying Regular Decision? How much would B's hurt?</p>

<p>Well each B on the transcript looks pretty bad why wont it look bad for senior year? Yeah I have the same question as leely, what if I'm doing RD?</p>

<p>well are you applying RD? i dont think it will kill you, it wont be the ultimate factor atleast... but lets stop with the exagerations.. please?</p>

<p>let me put it this way...i applied RD and got a B- in a university physics course and a B in Calculus II my first semester (which got sent as part of midyear)...and I still got in...</p>

<p>I think they do a good job of selecting who they want...B's aren't nice...but they aren't gonna kill you...</p>