<p>In checking my sons' grades online, it shows "F" in all classes. How is this possible? School is closed so, I can't contact any department and I'm about to go ballistic!</p>

<p>What did your son say about his grades?</p>

<p>He's away on a camping trip, unreachable out west. He's not happy at Bing but, I can't believe he would sabotage his academics.</p>

<p>So, you don't think this is a "glitch" in their system?
If I find out these grades are accurate before he returns home, I'll tell him to stay out west, he has "screwed the pooch"!</p>

<p>Maybe it's a good thing he is away when you found out! Had a similar situation with my son, freshman/sophomore years at JMU. He is now a senior at JMU, and working hard to salvage his GPA. </p>


<p>If this is accurate, he'll need to figure out any future college plans himself. I won't give him a dime.
He'll be taking the accelerated degree in the "school of hard knocks" and he'll have to walk, cuz he won't be driving.</p>

<p>I'd text a cryptic message for him when he eventually turns on his phone.
Something like, I accessed your grades, we need to talk.
Let him sweat or if the grades were posted incorrectly, wonder about your sanity.
Glad to read you've regrouped and found your sense of humor about this.</p>

<p>Just found out he texted his mother, bewildered. I don't believe him, are my eyes lying to me?
Shouldn't there be academic warnings, holds, etc somewhere in his account or snailmail?
His status shows no holds and he is registered for classes in the spring.</p>


<p>You can relax now.
It is for your son to sort out when Bing opens after the holiday.</p>

<p>Back to your regularly scheduled programming...</p>

<p>But, I had scheduled to torture him and lock him in the basement upon his return!
quid pro quo</p>

<p>Doesnt sound right to me......especially for Binghamton....please update when you find stressful!</p>