Fairhaven College/WWU Major

My son, while researching this school, was thinking of a WWU Math major (it seems to be a small, personal department within a bigger school, offering scholarships possibilities for students with his profile - he’s OOS) and a Fairhaven College Audio Technology minor. There’s not a lot of discussion about Fairhaven College these days. Any recent graduates or parents of recent graduates? What’s the vibe there like currently? Social scene, academic scene, dorms, food, etc. My son is a math guy who plays electric bass guitar pretty seriously, so comments about the Bellingham (and WWU) music scene are of interest as well.

I know Bellingham has a few micro breweries. Boundary Bay has a big restaurant and I think they have music there sometimes. Vancouver and Seattle in particular are where it would be at for him though.

Sorry, no idea on your other questions.