Fairleigh Dickinson Madison Questions

<p>I toured the campus and I liked what I saw and would like to get the scoop on two things. First - is this a suitcase college? I hear the campus vacates on the weeked. Second - the freshman dorms looked horrible. How livable are they?</p>

<p>responding to your question: Yes, if you saw pics from the brochure or virtual tour the campus really is quite nice! In my opinion it is on the smaller side, but still beautiful. It seems that some kids do go home but many stay for athletic events or just school run events. Also many stay and hang out in nearby morristown or New York City! The Freshman dorms are liveable, they may not be easy on the eyes but it is all part of the college experience.</p>

<p>My son just finished his freshman year at FDU Madison. We're from CA, so there's no way he could go home on weekends. A lot of the other students did, but he said it was never a mass exodus, and he always had plenty to do and plenty of other students to do it with all weekend. He did go into town and into NYC with some regularity, especially second semester.</p>

<p>The main freshman dorms are just pretty standard dorms. You might look into the Florham Scholars honors programs if you want something a little nicer. If you're in Florham Scholars, you live in the suite-style dorms, which are nicer if you get a suite full of people you get along with. My son ended up spending much of his time with other friends in the main freshman dorms, where he's found 5 other guys to live with in a suite next year, and he didn't have any complaints about the main freshman dorms.</p>

<p>If you want some answers from a recent FDU freshman, send me a PM and I'll ask my son to respond.</p>