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<p>I am new member. Daughter is a cantidate who hasn’t heard anything yet. Letter re:Falcon Foundation arrives yesterday says “The Academy has not yet determined your final status for an appointment, however, we have determined that if you do not recieve an appointment, you are qualified to receive a F/F Scholarship.” Letter goes on to describe the F/F. Last line says that “Accepting this scholarship in no way jeopardizes or cancels your current candidacy for entrance in to the Academy.” She is supposed to pick one of the schools listed and return form to academy. Anyone know of this type of letter and is this a prelude to a rejection letter? Opinion?</p>

<p>While it is not a prelude to a rejection, this kind of letter generally indicates that they see something in your D application that may be "missing" and that they know from experience that the Academy could well reject her because of it. It may be a lack of availability of upper level courses in your daughter's high school, a higher ranking in a school that may not have a good reputation, etc. The percentage of falcon and prepschool kids that get appointments the following year is very high although you should also know that the percentage that last all four years is somewhat lower than those that get in directly. That's about all I know. One other thing: your daughter will have a better idea of what to expect from a military sense than many of the Basics that are coming in directly (assuming she get in to the Academy of course). She will cope better in Basic because the "shock" of it won't be as severe.</p>

<p>Trust in the Academy when they say they have not yet determined her final status.</p>

<p>Many have gotten in the Academy via F/F. It truly is a great opportunity if one is not immediately accepted into the Academy. As mentioned, it will be less of a shock and she will be well equipped.</p>

<p>I send my congrats.</p>

<p>They gave her a list of 5 schools. Marion Military, New Mexico Military, Northwestern Prep, Wentworth Military, Valley Forge Military. V/F is all male. Any reccomendations?</p>

<p>There should be a few people here who can perhaps share their experiences at any one of those places.</p>

<p>Although I am unfamiliar with any of them, what I can recommend is that she do a little research and pick out the one that she feels most suits her.</p>

<p>My son was a Falcon Scholar at NorthWestern Prep <a href="http://www.northwesternprep.com/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.northwesternprep.com/&lt;/a> </p>

<p>He recieved that same letter from both Navy and Air Force at this time last year. He choose AF. His experience at NWP was outstanding. The NWP program is only the fall semester. Currently, he is attending the local University. He has been offered an Appointment to the AFA for the class of 2011. </p>

<p>The NWP program is intense and very structured. He was busy from 6am - 10 pm each day and half day on Saturday. The did have three weekends in which they were allowed to leave the campus. </p>

<p>My evaluation of Northwestern Prep was very positive.</p>

<p>Received mine yesterday - better than a 'No' so I'm taking them up on it but still hoping the Academy gives me the green light. Will want to attend New Mexico M.I. as friend who went the USMA route was looking at it as a back up ( he ended up getting a Prep spot at USMA ) and both he and his father thought it was solid, unpretentious and had a good rep at the service academies. </p>

<p>Only downside seems to be - continued retaking of the SAT/ACT until scores get up to snuff - going through the nomination process all over again.</p>

<p>Any FF participants who are now at AFA have any views on their experience?</p>

<p>To Marine75-78</p>

<p>Did your son find this worthwhile ( he's in at AFA so I'd guess so ). Did the school work with him to mentor him towards the AFA's expectations? Did he find any problems going through the nomination process again as an FF scholar? How many times did he retake the SAT/ACT's until he had an acceptable score?</p>

<p>Sorry for all the ?'s - this is a new wrinkle I hadn't planned on so am playing info catch up now.</p>


<p>It was the best thing for him and my family. We have more time to let all this sink in as opposed to leaving right after graduation. His SAT/ACT verbal scores were lower than what the Academy wants, thus the reason for the Prep School. </p>

<p>Yes... the school works extremly hard to prepare the candidates for the Academy. It's all business both academically and physically. All candidates take the 3 SAT's/2 ACT's regardless of thier scores. NWP had both Navy and Air Force candidates. (67 males / 7 females) </p>

<p>The nomination process was a breeze the second time around. His application and Dodmerb stuff was good for 2 years. Because he was still in California when his MOC interviews were scheduled, he did them by phone. He recieved 2 nominations. Recieved his offer of appointment March 1, 2007</p>

<p>He came home on December very motivated and happy about his stay. As stated before, he is attending the local University taking Chemistry, Calc, and English. Obviously, these credits will not transfer, but he will be a year older and more mature when he gets to the Academy this June for the class of 2011.</p>

<p>Now he is having the time of his life.....Sleeps in everyday, attends class 3 days a week (cake schedule), out with his friends all the time and has all A's and is working out. He is taking every advantage of this. </p>

<p>You may hear read here in CC about the bubblewrap and protecting the child. I have the complete opposite reaction. Acutally, he was out late the evening before mid-terms and scored a 145/150 on his Chemistry Mid-Term. I asked him if he was studying, he just laughs....... :) I laugh with him and always tell him to HAVE FUN!</p>

<p>Feel free to contact anytime.</p>

<p>Awesome - thanks so much Marine75-78.</p>

<p>Though I hope I still get the direct appointment this sounds excellent.</p>

<p>I was confused when I received this as well. I called my Admissions Counselor and she told me I was competitive for an appointment. Unfortunately, she told me I live in a very competitive district and several candidates were more qualified than I am. She said it was possible to receive a direct appointment from the mass mailings, but not extremely likely. I was confused on that since I thought candidates were placed in a national pool if they didn't receive their nomination from the senator/congressman, but whatever. I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone, but what she told me...I'm not sure if that helps anyone, just what I discovered today.</p>

<p>I agree with everything Marine75-78 had to say. Northwestern was great for my son. His ACT and SAT scores improved dramatically, and he is finding his college courses very easy. He would have struggled at the AFA if he had gone when he first applied, and believes it was the best thing for him to go o NWP first. </p>

<p>AFDAD2010 - You said "you should also know that the percentage (of FF scholars) that last all four years is somewhat lower than those that get in directly." I would be interested to know where you got your information? Not that I doubt you at all ( : but would like to see it. I'm from Missouri, the Show-Me state. / :</p>

Congratulations on your sons appointment. My son also attended NWP on a Falcon Scholarship and is still waiting to hear. Needless to say it is pretty stressful around here. He was in the same boat as your son low verbal and reading scores. Son says he was near the top of the class at NWP ( A's and one B) and has Straight A's at local college. He works at a large supermarket ( customer service and night manager) and stays very busy. Many NWP classmates have visited. A great bunch all. He is starting to struggle Knowing that most of his classmates are in and he is not. hopefully good news is coming soon. </p>

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<p>Patriotmom -- my sons's good friend at the academy is a prepschool grad and he told me that. He said it appears to be the case in his class for sure and he's heard that it's generally true. But it's not an official stat.</p>

<p>AFDAD2010 - I can see how this could be true, but prep school grads do have determination and perseversance on their side. ( :</p>

<p>Marine 75-78 - I missed the part about your son's appointment! Congratulations!!! </p>

<p>afadad2011 - I am sure you were told, as we were, that all Falcons receive appointments unless they "really mess up." That, of course, is the unofficial word. I am supposing that "mess up" would mean low grades at the school, not obeying the rules, or not being able to raise their test scores. One of the threads some time back said the AFA was expecting around 85 Falcon Foundation grads in the 2011 class. My son said there were only 89 Falcons this year, so that would put the percentage very high. I know you and your son will breathe that familiar sigh of relief when the appointment package comes.</p>

<p>He got word February 7th that admissions wanted him to bring his act reading up at least one point. So on the 10th he drove an hour to the nearest testing center and got in as a standby. He brought his SR up by two points but failed to improve the reading.</p>

<p>I am a falcon foundation student this year at mmi. Its not hard at all to get an appointment through prep school. If the academy is really what you want to do, the falcon foundation is a great way to go. However, you might also realize military school just isn't for you. I think the general concensus is that prep school sucks. No one likes it very much, but it gets you to where you want to go. I say you have a 95 percent chance of receiving an appointment if you are a falcon.</p>

<p>95 percent next year, sorry. Although if you received the scholarship this early you still probably have a good chance of going 2011. I didn't get my scholarship til may. And if you want to prepare across the bases (military, athletic, academic) go mmi. if you just wan't to get your act/sat scores up. Go northwestern. (its a civilian prep school and from what ive heard you're only there for a few months and then you go to regular college)((its probably a whole lot more fun then a regular prep school))</p>

<p>I currently attend Marion Military Institute and received my Academy appointment for 2011.</p>

<p>If you have any questions, you can ask me directly through this thread or messaging.</p>

<p>I will try to give a quick rundown tomorrow as I am short on time</p>

<p>Does anyone know anything about wentworth military academy? That was the one I picked for the FF scholarship.</p>