fall 08 schedule

<p>So, advance registration just started. I was wondering what classes you guys are gonna take.</p>

<p>I'm doing:
math 240
germn 103
econ 102
anth 003 (intro to human evolution)
and either astronomy 001 or math 202</p>

<p>any advice on whether I should take astronomy 001 or math 202?</p>

<p>be 402, be 483, be 497, fnar 274, hcmg 213</p>

<p>4 day weekends woooot</p>

<p>damn it, I still haven't been able to work in my classes into 4 days. I have 2 1hr classes on friday...agh</p>

<p>if you are looking for the easier class, go with astronomy.</p>

<p>How much physics should I actually know to do well in astro?</p>

<p>Mine's going to be something like</p>

<p>Psci 254: the EU
Psci 257: South Asian IR
IR 390: Senior Thesis
Anth238: Medical Anthropology
Something else... maybe a language
Something else... maybe Stat</p>

<p>what's the most wharton classes that a non-wharton person you know has taken?</p>

<p>this hcmg class in the fall will be #7 for me...</p>

<p>mgmt 249
mgmt 235
cis 400
cis 520
cis 550</p>

<p>I've had friends who took 6 or so (they were nervous econ majors), but you seem to be going for the record, tenebrousfire.</p>

<p>Do most frosh take 4 or 5 courses? D is taking a language course now (as HS sr)- 200 level- not for the faint of heart. Students say it is the most work of any of their classes (and there are Whartonites among them).</p>

<p>if in seas, nursing, or wharton, freshmen generally take 5.</p>

<p>in most cases in the college (with the exception of premeds and certain science tracks), freshmen generally take 4.</p>

<p>tenebrousfire, or any other current penn student,
is it possible to do a second concentration in global analysis along with a minor in a foreign language (w/out having taken it in hs)? </p>

<p>i'm trying to sort through the handbook but i don't know if it would fit into the curriculum w/out needing extra classes</p>

<p>pardon me, but advance registration is only for current penn students---right? Does anyone know when the pre-frosh get to register for their courses?</p>

<p>Pre-frosh register a couple of days before I believe. After you've first met with your adviser.</p>

<p>change in plans, my schedule is going to be:
math 240
stat 430
econ 102
astr 001
germn 103</p>

<p>you could probably do the global analysis concentration and language minor if you plan correctly, but best to ask an advisor...</p>

<p>advance registration for freshmen begins in the summer.</p>