Fall '09 Transfer to UNC Chapel Hill

<p>Hi everyone, I currently attend Appalachian State University and I really want to transfer to UNC. I applied last year as a senior in high school and did not get in. My stats were:
SAT CR-570
M- 550
W- 470
I was 7 out of 263 in my class which is about the top 2 percent and my GPA was 4.6875. I was vice president of multiple clubs and was a junior marshall and work 35 hours a week. I am fairly positive that my SAT was the reason I was rejected, so I don't know if I should retake it to transfer.
At ASU my GPA is going to be around 3.5-4.0. So I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how I can make my transfer successful or if it is even possible for me? Thanks!</p>

<p>you're SAT score is really low, try and retake it</p>

<p>does anyone know about how many freshman-->sophomores get accepted?</p>

<p>3.5-4.0...that is a huge gap....</p>

<p>I think its going to be 3.8-4.0</p>

<p>I am a freshmen at the University of Richmond. I will have taken about 34 credit hours if all transfers over well enough. I am not sure if my "Stagecraft" theater class transfers, if not 31 credit hours. I only took 15 credit hours this semester though including acting practicum
I was waitlisted last year as a freshman applicant
High School
3.97 GPA, 710W 710 M 730 CR, I was 55 out of 336 (EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE HS), I was class president and everything.
I have a full ride to the University of Richmond for Acting, I have all A's right now, but maybe a B. I should end up with about a 3.8 if all goes well.
I have a contact in the theater program at UNC who is putting in a good word for me.
And my essay is extremely original and creative...
What do you think?</p>

<p>generally freshman applicants have a much tougher time transferring than do sophmores</p>

<p>uncguy-your hs record seems to be quite exceptional, i really don't see how you didnt get in for freshman apps...if you were that close last year, if you can show them a years worth of good grades im sure you'll have a very good shot</p>

<p>unchopeful-it is impossible to determine what your gpa will be at this point...just because you want to get a 4.0, and likely will need something approaching it to get in, does not mean you will get it...you sat's are very low, i would retake them...however sat's taken during college, two years after most everybody else takes them, will be taken with various degrees of seriousness...make sure you get that 4.0, or as close to it as possible...if you get closer to the 3.5 side of the continuum from a college that is not as competitive as many others you will not have a great shot...put in a full year before you think about applying, get that 3.8-4.0 and you will have a shot</p>

<p>Well I only had 2 AP'S, so that might be it. But I was waitlisted last time...
these are my classes this year
My classes.
First semester:
Core 101 (Philosophy) (3.5 credits)
Spanish 151 Advanced Intermediate (3.5 credits)
Stagecraft (theater) (3.5 credits)
University Choir (almost 1 credit)
Voice lessons (counts as credits) (1.75 credits)
Acting practicum (this does transfer) (2.65 credits)</p>

<p>Second semester:
Core 102 (Philo) (3.5 credits)
Spanish 221 (INtensive Intermediate) (7 credits)
Introduction to International Relations (3.5 credits)
Calculus 1 (3.5 credits)
University Choir (almost 1 credit)
And hopefully more Acting Practicum (probably around 3 credits)</p>

<p>So yeah, thats more stuff, I would love a good evaluation</p>

National Honor Society
Senior Class President of 336 people
5 lead roles in plays and musicals
4 character roles in plays and musicals
UNiversity of Richmond Young Life Leader- Christian group, meets about 15 hours a week.
University of Richmond PLayers- PLays, Improv, Tech practicum (actually credits, 3.5 credits)
University Spider Web Comedy- First ever comedy film troup started by myself, I write direct, act.
Schola Cantorum-Traveling Choir, we are traveling to Prague soon.
Drama Club President two years of High school, Film Club VP two years in High school
Full ride to RIchmond for acting....</p>

<p>It's really quite surprising the difference in the average qualifications for freshmen vs. transfers. Most of my friends who are transfers were slackers in high school (like me) and got in with a pretty respectable college GPA, a 3.5-7 seems pretty solid for most people.</p>

<p>With a pretty solid college GPA I have no idea why either of you wouldn't get in, your stats are WAY better than mine were, although I had a pretty good CGPA. </p>

<p>Not that I'm saying that this happens often but I know a guy who got in off the wait-list with around a 3.3 gpa and below average HS stats. Relative to its peers and other top schools UNC is pretty easy to get into as a transfer.</p>


<p>I know that my SAT is terrible and do need to retake it, but if you think that new scores won't be taken seriously then should I even bother applying now?</p>

<p>New scores will be taken seriously. I asked this question years ago when I was considering applying and I ended up retaking them even though the improvement was rather modest. </p>

<p>I don't think it's going to make or break your application but if you think you can improve considerably which is going to take a LOT of independent studying then do it.</p>

<p>So, would a 3.5 be a good enough GPA to make someone a competitive candidate?</p>

<p>I would say 3.5 is probably in the middle of the pack for those that get accepted. 3.7+ would be considered competitive, I think anyway.</p>

<p>I got a 4.0 this semester! Hopefully that will help</p>


<p>I think you have a really good chance! Your high school record seems impeccable, as far as academics go, and many of the admission counselors know that students don't test well on these test. That is why you should go to another school and show your potential and that the SAT is a fluke, which you certainly have done withy your 4.0 GPA. </p>

<p>However getting into UNC will also depend on what program you want to get into, I'd apply as College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), because programs such as Business are very hard to get into.</p>

I am attempting to transfer to Carolina and I was wondering if you could offer your opinions on my chances...I currently have a 3.2 college gpa at NC State which is by far the most competitive public school in the state behind UNC. I also am on the hockey team at State. I had a 4.4 gpa in high school where i graduated in the top 15% of my class at a private catholic school. I was an all-state golfer and an all conference swimmer in high school as well as a very competitive hockey player. My SAT was a 1280 math and verbal...Carolina is my dream school and I am really hoping to be there in the fall...any opinions would be greatly appreciated. </p>

<p>PS No offense to those who attend other public colleges in NC</p>

<p>cmblake, I'm sure you are in. The difference between freshman and transfer admissions at UNC-CH is night and day. UNC was my dream school and I would give anything to go there, but I lived in West Virginia at the time, so was denied admission as a HS graduate, granted I had above average HS stats and scores, but not exceptional. I went to Winthrop University for a year and really enjoyed it, but when I got the word I had been accepted to Carolina, I was ecstatic. Relax, keep working hard and write really good essays showing how much you want to be a part of the Carolina Family. Now, I'm loving college life in Chapel Hill and living out my dream.</p>

<p>Hey guys, I was hoping that maybe you could rate my chances too. Im a freshmen at James Madison University (VA) just moved to NC so im looking at UNC. High School GPA 3.8 top 25% in class. College GPA 3.4 SAT math-670 reading-590 writing-560 pretty good ec in high school, officers of clubs. stayed pretty involved at college too.</p>

<p>Your chances are 50/50. Pretty good EC's, but with all do respect, your Sat scores are kinda low.Just make sure to Write really good essays</p>