Fall 2009 Incoming Freshman - Housing Options/Opinions?

<p>Hey all, I'm going to be attending Rutgers New Brunswick in the fall and I'm currently debating my housing choices. I've researched quite a bit and talked to a few friends but everything seems to be contradicting itself.</p>

<p>What I would really like to know is what dorm is the best for an incoming freshman? I'm planning on having a social life and while I will be studying I'm not going to want to do that 24/7. I was going to put down College Ave as first choice but then I heard/read that the dorms were trashy and there weren't very many freshman. I did read that many of the freshman live at Livingston but I also heard that those dorms are bad and the bus rides are hell. I think I've pretty much Busch because I read that that is not a very party-happy or social place.</p>

<p>I'm just really at a loss and would like to get opinions from people, please! LOL. THANK YOUUUU. <3</p>

<p>i would say busch. it's a somewhat short bus ride away from college ave, where all the parties are at. has a bunch of good libraries to study at. pretty social.</p>

<p>a friend and i are dorming together, we put our first choice at college ave and our second choice at busch, 3rd at livingston and then cook/douglass.</p>

<p>we wanted college ave because we're big partiers though, and have heard nothing but bad things about livingston. so if partying isnt your lifestyle, i'd look at busch.</p>

<p>Thanks guys!</p>

<p>I keep reading that Busch is really quiet though, so I don't know about that for me. What about College Ave vs. Livingston? I feel like I'll end up putting one of those two down as my first choice. I just can't decide which.</p>

<p>College Avenue. And if so, make sure you send in that housing application NOW.</p>

<p>yeah i've heard if you dont get it in by April, there's no chance of getting your first choice and maybe not even your second.</p>

<p>Yep, like khoagland stated you will most likely get your first choice the earlier you submit your application. So definitely submit it within these next few days. </p>

<p>After April, especially after the whole open house orientation bit that's held in Early April, students begin to sign up for housing. </p>

<p>Plus, if you wait too long, you might be the unlucky (or lucky) bunch that will be placed in a hotel this year. Housing shortage for a second year in a row, guys -- be aware of that. Don't procrastinate!</p>


<p>What orientation session are you referring to? I have been to the SAS honors day and am signed up for both the placement tests and the APA day. I know there is an overnight orientation in the summer but, I was not aware of one in April. I don't want to miss anything.</p>


<p>The April one is not important. It's more of an "open house" to explore Rutgers a bit. I didn't go to it last year because I had already taken one of those bus tours prior to applying to Rutgers and I knew about the APA day in the Spring. </p>

<p>You're not missing anything. The honors day, placement test, APA day, and overnight orientation are enough =)</p>

<p>hi everyone...i am an incoming freshman for fall 2009
is it mandatory to live on-campus for the first year even if you are a NJ resident?</p>

<p>As a first-year, you are guaranteed housing, but you are not required to dorm (this goes for in-state students as well)</p>

<p>Hi MushaboomBlue - thanks for all the info. My S hasn't decided yet but most likely will be attending Rutgers. For a Physics/math major it seems like Busch would be the best housing option - he also likes a quiet place to live. He's in honors, so is he guaranteed his first choice, e.g. a spot in Busch honors housing if he doesn't sign up until mid-April?</p>

<p>If I'm not mistaken -- and don't quote me on this -- but I believe first year honors students will be guaranteed housing in the McCormick suites on Busch campus (he has to specify it on the agreement under the "special interest" option)</p>

<p>By Mid-April, there will be other kids waiting for a reply from other colleges, thus they haven't sent in their housing agreement yet, so I'm sure that he will get an open spot.</p>

<p>Anyone on here, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong =)</p>

<p>Correct on all counts. I also suggest you get the 210 meal plan since we're on the topic.</p>

<p>Grant it, I've been out for quite a few years, but College Ave is in my opinion the best choice:
1) All the food trucks are there
2) Walking Distance to Stores, Clubs, Banks, Train Station (NY and PA)
3) Dorms are all kinda tired, but I was not really hanging in my room that much
4) Park is just down the street. Weekend Pickup Football, Soccer etc
5) Hospital is very close (god forbid) but it was used on occasion
6) Buses come frequently (at least they did), if not, plenty of cab drivers
7) Away from Stadium Traffic
8) Tends to have older students in the area that are more than willing to help/give advice. </p>

<p>Basically it provided freedom when needed, plenty of resources if not...
Second Choice Busch, then Livingston.</p>

<p>Enrolled. Hopefully Mettler.</p>

<p>If you are at Mason Gross (for theater, music or dance), you pretty much must live on Cook/Douglass or, at the worst, College Ave. To live elsewhere would be an epic disaster.</p>

<p>HELP! My son has just confirmed his attendance at Rutgers for September 2009, and is trying to register for Honors Housing in McCormick Hall on Busch Campus. Unfortunately, he and I have been sent around and around in circles trying to figure out where and how to register for housing, dining plans, etc.</p>

<p>Where in the world do we sign up for housing?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Hmm, there should be a link to the housing/dining agreement via the Enrollment Pathway online . . .</p>

<p>Check the Enrollment Pathway just in case =)</p>

<p>Hi MushaboomBlue - Thanks. We've been to the Enrollment Pathway and all we see is a letter of congratulations. There doesn't seem to be any way to find an application. It just keeps looping around and around. I think we may need to call Rutgers. You'd think they'd make it a little easier. We're afraid it will be too late to get a room - are hoping that since he's honors SAS he can still get into McCormick.</p>