Fall 2009 NYU Transfer. How hard?

<p>What are the transfer rates to the various schools at NYU?</p>

<p>I'm thinking Stern, Gallitan, or Arts and Sciences. No point of posting my stats, this isn't a 'chance me' thread. Just wondering how realistic it is and what the numbers are.</p>

<p>Stern is VERY competitive.</p>

<p>Total number of transfer students who applied: 5,390
Total number of transfer students who were admitted: 1,416</p>

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<p>Good luck transfers! NYU is amazing, so work hard and you can do it!
Total number of transfer students who applied: 5,390
Total number of transfer students who were admitted: 1,416</p>

<p>Are these numbers for Fall 2008? </p>

<p>Is there any way you can post the # of transfer students who applied/ # of transfer students who were admitted for each individual college?</p>

<p>i've actually looked to see if i could find acceptance rates for the individual colleges but could not find them...</p>

<p>CAS has been redunkulously competitive for transfers recently...again, admissions will tell you its about 5-10% which seems about right, but you may choose to believe it or not</p>

<p>You will have a better picture after the spring transfers receive their decisions! However, it is more competitive to transfer for the fall since there are more applicants.</p>

<p>is it though?</p>

<p>there may be more applicants, but if nyu is losing more students to other colleges for fall wouldnt there be more more available spots? iono</p>

<p>I just checked:</p>

<p>Percent of students who return for sophomore year: 92%</p>

<p>Based on this statistics, it means the admission rate is only 8%</p>

<p>However, I think I am wrong on this.</p>

<p>Just remember that admissions to NYU is extremely competitive!</p>


<p>unfortunately i may disagree with your logic </p>

<p>just because 8% of the students do not return for their sophmore year (let alone there junior year) does not mean that 8% of transfers are accepted...for example...if nyu has 1000 students (just for an easy number) and 8% of its student body does not return that means there are 80 spots available for transfer...if only 100 people applied for those 80 spots, then the transfer acceptance rate would be 80%...if 10,000 people applied for those 80 spots the acceptance rate would be .8%...if that makes sense which it doesnt because i am never clear</p>



<p>this isn't such a big issue. I am not that good with numbers anyways! ;) </p>

Just keep in mind that admission to NYU is extremely competitive (especially Tisch and Stern). Just challenge yourself with the hardest classes and earn good grades!</p>

<p>I understand your logic duffle! Thanks for your clarfications! :)</p>

<p>i dont have any teachers worth asking to write a rec
hm what to do</p>

<p>try and find a professor anyway, even if its not the best recommendation letter.
I think extracurriculars play a BIG part in admissions for NYU. I was accepted as a transfer to CAS (whose acceptance percentage is NOT skewed, they have a ton of applicants + internal transfers get preference) and my GPA was NOT good enough. I had a measly 3.42 first semester, but I did apply from a school equally strong academically if not better in the sciences (University of Rochester). Also, I had a ton of extracurriculars (research at NYU the summer before freshman year, on a dance team/choregrapher, two different clubs) and came from a strong high school. </p>

<p>Keep your GPA really high and get some good extracurriculars together and you'll be good to go. </p>

<p>Also, write some unique and CONVINCING essays on why you want to transfer. I've seen a ton of people who have VERY legit reasons for wanting to transfer get rejected because they seem to forget that NYU doesn't want to know why THEY are perfect for you, but why both the school and YOU are a perfect fit.</p>

<p>Just my two cents.</p>

<p>Hello ihave a question guysss
im currently @art school well i applied to steinhardtt
but didn't get in :/
im trying to apply for the spring:0 do we still need to redo our apps?like (high school recs/ turning in the HS transcript) don't they still have our files?l........</p>

<p>Hi everyone,
i am an undergraduate freshman at American Univsersity and am thinking of transferring to NYU's CAS or steinhardt school
the first semester is not over, but so far i have As and Bs
In high school, i probably finished with a 3.4 gpa, weighted (maybe 3.3 something after senior year..)
For sats, i got in the low 1800s/2400
I have some extracarriculars from high school, like art classes and some volunteering, and i hope to get more involved second semester, like in habitat for humanity.
Based on what i've shared so far, do you think my chances of getting in our okay?</p>

<p>Hi,I wish to transfer to Stern. You think GPA is more important or the strongest courses and more credit hours are more important? It is really hard to keep both!</p>

<p>Do you think it would be possible to transfer to CAS with a 3.4-3.5 GPA assuming essays and recommendations etc. are exemplary. I guess my question is about GPA and the courses taken. Would someone with a 3.4-3.5 who has taken mostly all difficult math and physics courses be just as competitive as say a communications major with a slightly higher GPA?</p>

<p>geez its so competitive..only 1500 out of 5300 roughly speaking are admitted..eek. i thought i would have a better chance..but before i got rejected ED from CAS, i thought that i could PROBABBLLYY be one of those 1500 but i guess not : / oh well ill go to pepperdine, and try to transfer. if i get in, kool. if not, oh well.</p>

<p>I am applying to CAS in NYU I currently have a 3.4 GPA but not a lot of extra curricular's I work and go to school so its hard to balance it all. I am wondering what is their acceptance rate? I am a bit afraid of applying because of how competitive NYU is. What do I need to set me apart from the rest of the applicants?</p>