Fall 2010 move in

<p>We will be flying to GU for move-in weekend in August and will be shipping our son's belongings to the school. Can anyone with experience doing this let me know if the school will receive and store packages received before move-in weekend and, if so, when is the best day to schedule the packages for delivery?</p>

<p>New</a> Student Frequently Asked Questions</p>

<p>Where do you go to pick up packages?</p>

<p>Packages should be addressed to you in the following format to ensure proper routing:
Student Name
Your Residence Hall Office (e.g. Village C RHO)
Housing Assignment (e.g. Harbin Hall 103)
Georgetown University
37th and O Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057</p>

<p>Packages are received by the Residence Hall Office (RHO). You will receive an e-mail notification that you have a package waiting for you. You may go to the RHO during their operating hours to sign for and pick up your package. </p>

<p>I am traveling from a long distance and will be shipping my belongings. When will packages be accepted at the residence halls?</p>

<p>The Residence Hall Offices (RHO) will accept packages as they are received. Packages received for students moving in on Friday will not be made available until Saturday to prevent confusion with the Move In process. If you need to send any personal belongings, we encourage you to have them arrive after you have settled in . Please make your shipping plans accordingly. The delivery services and the University are inundated with packages during the opening days of the Fall semester. This will cause delays in receiving. Please bring any item or belonging with you that you consider critical to your health or that you will need in the first few days of school. The Housing Office will not accept packages on behalf of students. You are the only person allowed to pick up your packages from the RHO and you must present a valid ID.</p>


<p>Thanks for the information. Do you have experience with this? When is the best time to have packages delivered, assuming you want them there waiting for you on move-in day?</p>

<p>I only shipped stuff once. I shipped my boxes out a week before I got there. They were waiting for me, no problem. It's probably best to ship them so they arrive Wednesday or Thursday, but Friday isn't a problem. UPS/FedEx deliver them straight to the RHO, so they just have to sign for them, which is to say that if it arrives on Friday, it will be there waiting for you.</p>

<p>One warning: the RHOs can be a significant distance from the dorms. For example, packages sent to Harbin go to the RHO in New South. It's not that far from Harbin, but there are stairs to contend with, so it can be a hassle.</p>


<p>Thanks! That is exactly what I needed to know.</p>