Fall 2012 Acceptances

<p>My son received his first acceptance today, from Kansas University. What a great day. Many more schools to hear from, but he's really excited that KU wants him. Is KU housing impacted enough that he should go ahead and reserve a dorm room? He is planning on going through fraternity rush so I don't know if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>Congrats. My daughter was also accepted to KU. Sorry, I do not know anything about housing.</p>

<p>Congrats to both of your children! I hope they'll seriously consider KU for next year!</p>

<p>If your son's rushing, and he gets into a frat, he'll probably live in that frat's house when he starts school. Housing isn't super crowded, if you don't care where you live. If you do have a preference towards suite style living OR the scholarship halls, you will want to apply ASAP however. Also, for sororities, you can't live in the house until your second semester at the earliest, but most of the girls I know lived in the dorms or scholarship halls for the first year then moved into their Greek house. Moving into the house at semester requires you to have serious issues with your roommates or living situation, FYI, cause it's a bit of paperwork to break/cancel your housing contract. Rooms are always available in McCollum, from what I hear (McCollum is the largest dorm, with ~10 floors, co-ed, and comparatively "rowdy" compared to the other dorms). Suite-style housing is more competitive, so if you're interested in that, you'll want to apply ASAP. Scholarship hall housing is also competitive, but based on academics, financial need, and a few other criteria which you can look up on the housing website. If you don't know, scholarship halls are cooperative living environments where students live in a single gender hall/house with ~50 other students of varying backgrounds and cooperatively cook and clean their hall in exchange for lower housing costs. Also, you don't have to be receiving a scholarship to live in the schol halls, since it's your scholarship to be able to pay less for housing. It's similar to the Greek community, but unique to KU. There are also on-campus apartments, but you must qualify for those (either being an upperclassman, sibling of an upperclassman, etc). Hope this clarifies a few things for you guys about housing!</p>

<p>That's very helpful, Xtra. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I think we'll need to schedule a visit for early in the new year.</p>

<p>Awesome! Hope you'll enjoy looking around on campus. I know for me, KU's campus might not have been as spectacular as other campuses I visited formally, but after being on campus, I have a true appreciation for Potter Lake, Snow Hall, and Watson Library - just to name a few places that would be very interesting to look out for on your visit. Formal tours are nice, and I know a few of the guides. Make sure to look around, and see the students, and not just stare at the sidewalks or your guide though! Try talking to a student that isn't your tour guide, informally, about KU. I know that's one thing that really set apart KU for me initially - that I actually got a chance to talk to real students, not just students whose job/volunteer position is to convince students to come to KU.</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted</p>

[<em>] SAT: Didn't send
[</em>] SAT IIs: Didn't send
[<em>] ACT: 34
[</em>] GPA: 3.97
[<em>] Rank: 5/508
[</em>] Other stats: 5 on AP Calc AB, 5 on AP US History, 6 on IB Math SL, 6 on IB Spanish SL
[<em>] Essays: N/A
[</em>] Teacher Recs: N/A
[<em>] Counselor Rec: N/A
[</em>] Hook (if any): First generation
[<em>] State or Country: Kansas
[</em>] School Type: Public
[<em>] Ethnicity: Asian
[</em>] Gender: Female
[<em>] Intended Major: Chemistry
[</em>] major strength/weakness: High ACT, GPA, lots of ECs
[/ul]Other Factors:</p>

<p>Wow, you're a chemistry major too? With your stats, you should look into KU's Honors Program, because I know that without the honors program, there would have been no way that I would have considered KU, and with the honors program, I'm really happy with KU. It definitely made KU a serious contender for me in the college game. PM me if you want to know more about being a chem major, since I don't want to explode this thread with another huge reply. Also, definitely look into how much scholarships you're going to be able to receive, and if you think you'll be able to keep up the required GPA. I know that since you're an IB student, you definitely understand the courseload - my IB friends from high school were definitely more prepared for college than my other friends.</p>

<p>Yes, I am going to apply to the Honors Program...IF i don't get into my school of choice. The application isn't due until May 1st so I can wait to hear back from all of my schools in April. If I don't get in anywhere, then I'll apply to the Honors Program. Just trying to save myself some work and keeping my fingers crossed! :)</p>

<p>I know when I applied, the honors program application was part of the regular application. I just checked a box that I'd like to be considered, and I had to maybe do about an extra page of stuff. Honors program admission is fairly competitive (although, not as competitive as admission to the schools of your highest priority, most likely) and it's not that much extra work, if I recall correctly. I know my honors program application essays were about a paragraph long, and not very good, and I didn't have much better stats than you. Anyways... Good luck!</p>