Fall 2013-BioChem- What courses for UC?

<p>Hi everyone, I need some insight due to the lack of knowledge from the counselors at my CC. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way which resulted in me taking some classes that I did not need </p>

<p>I plan on applying next fall, for fall 2013. I am currently a biochem major, with the military under my belt
I have taken Calc 1, gen chem's. No biology as I did not see it is required on assist.org to UCSD(first choice).. only UCI.</p>

<p>My classes that I have scheduled next year will be Ochem1,2, physics1,2 (calc-based).
I will have all my IGETC requirements fulfilled by Fall 2012.
Currently sitting on a cumulative 3.7gpa and math/sci gpa 4.0.</p>

<p>My question is should I try to take Calc-2/gen bio to fill up my schedule? Should I even take Ochem at CC or try to complete the course at a university? I plan on going pre-dental, so I know bio must be completed.</p>

<p>Any advice will be greatly appreciated.