Fall 2014 Acceptances

<p>Anyone accepted to HSU thinking about attending next year? Share it here.</p>

<p>when did you apply? I applied on november 27th and i checked my application status and it said "incomplete"</p>

<p>I had a list of outstanding items like sending in my transcript, test scores, eop reccomendation letters etc.</p>

<p>But if I'm in high school wouldn't i send in my official transcript after I'm admitted? And my SAT scores were sent out on Dec. 6th so how long does CSU mentor take to process them? Also, I don't even know why I clicked the box that said I was interested in EOP because I am definitely not applying. </p>

<p>ANYWAYS, does this mean that they won't even look at my application??</p>

<p>Don't worry! My D applied in October so got accepted early. Go online and find out who your admissions counselor is. They are assigned by geographic area. Email he or she and ask them about items. No you don't need transcripts yet but if you took a class at a JC they will want those transcripts as soon as possible after the class is finished. Ask counselor how to remore EOP thing. And you should have a record of which schools you sent SAT scores to so if you sent them they should have them. Email your counselor. They have been amazingly helpful.</p>

<p>I just got accepted the week of thanksgiving and I AM planning on going to HSU. I may apply to the University of Oregon but the out of state tuition just doesn't justify going there, for me at least.</p>

<p>HSU is a great school and I am very excited to finally get out of my hometown and experience something different.</p>

<p>I got accepted! Humboldt has always been my number one university. I love the location and vibe of the campus. I was accepted for Wildlife Conservation. Still deciding whether or not I'm going to go, but I most likely will because it sounds like an amazing experience and opportunity. I'm hoping to run on the Track and Field team at Humboldt. We shall see! Exciting!</p>