Fall 2014 Transfer Chances

<p>intended major: english/literature</p>

President (fresh/soph) of campus human rights/labor rights organization (lots of involvement, very passionate about this.)
1 summer research, no publication
1 year research, 1 publication possibly
nursing home assistant job 15 hrs/wk (1 year+summer)
regular columnist for campus newspaper (2 years)
volunteer at free clinic (4 hrs/wk) (1.5 years)
leadership in a literature club (2 years)
leadership in a student-organized summer camp for kids with parents who have had cancer (2 years)
physician shadowing (not much)
High school:
hospital volunteering 400 hours
research 1 summer, 1 publication, 1 abstract
chem club
religious youth group
4 years debate/forensics, no awards
got scammed into going to the national youth leadership conference
mostly just derped around.</p>

3.99 GPA, half A+, half A, one A- in a 1 credit class.
finished all the premed classes with A+ or A
*<em>will have only 3 literature classes completed by app submission.
High school:
4.45/4.0 (2 B’s freshman year. 1 B senior year AP class)
34 ACT
41 IB
8/600 class rank
a couple of 5’s and 4’s for APs. (do I send the 4’s?)
hardest curriculum that the school offered. almost all IB/AP in junior and senior year.
*</em>no SAT II, might take one or two if necessary.</p>

Hah. I can probably get one good one from the head of the honors program at my school who taught my freshman english seminar. This is something I need to work on.</p>

underrepresented state?</p>


<p>current school:
non-prestigious state flagship</p>

<p>Your college background looks a bit “scattered” for Brown as a transfer. Are you a premed still? Brown will be unlikely to write you a med school application dean’s letter without some of the rigorous premed courses being taken at Brown. (Unless maybe you are going to do that as a post-bac applicant after some serious research etc.) If instead you are “done with” the premed track, and really interested in going on to something connected to the literature thing, then Brown may be worth a shot for you.</p>