Fall 2017 Bryant University Transfer thread

Hey guys, seeing as there is not a forum for Bryant I figured I’d start a thread for people applying to transfer here so we could share information, talk about Bryant, and maybe we can all learn a little more!

I’ll start by posting my stats:
2.3 UW GPA
Varsity Tennis (3 yrs)
Varsity Volleyball (1 yr)
Minimal community service as required by high school
Grammy-award-winning boychoir (went on tours to Argentina/Brazil)

3.76 GPA out of 41 completed units at time of application
32 composite ACT + 10 on writing
My extracurricular activity is that I’ve been working full time since I was 18 first as an assistant to CEO, then as a warehouse worker (worked up to supervisor) and currently in accounts payable/compliance.
2 Recommendations (1 from Accounting and one from English teachers)

Applied: 2/12/17-ish
Accepted: 3/16/17-ish
Scholarship: Dean’s scholarship 20,000 a year. I have not received my full package yet but as with others I imagine I’ll receive a full package of federal loans/grants, and maybe a PTK scholarship if they give one.
Intended major: Business-Finance
Intended minor (all Bryant students are required to take a minor in the opposite school from their major)
I’d be choosing from:
Environmental Science
Legal Studies
Political Science

I imagine I would be able to complete Polysci or Econ faster due to my previous classes but we shall see.

Hey, I just got in as a transfer to Bryant myself not too long ago. I am probably going to do Managment with minors in sports studies and entrepreneurship myself, but have been in the air because who doesn’t doubt their college major 5,000 times lol. I did mine without recommendations because although I asked none of my professors got back to in time before I wanted to submit it.

Nice! Bryant is definitely still one of my higher choices but right around April 1st I should start getting some other responses