Fall 2017 UC Irvine Transfer Thread

It’s that time of the year. Good luck everyone!

Overall GPA:
Major GPA:

Major: Computer Science
Overall GPA: 3.67, on pace 3.75 end of fall semester (hopefully)
Major GPA: 3.64
Pre-Reqs: Complete by spring 2017
IGETC: Complete by winter 2017
ECS: Not a lot, couple clubs
TAG: Irvine

Major: Computer Science
Overall GPA: 3.76, on pace 3.83 end of fall semester (hopefully)
Major GPA: 4
Pre-Reqs: Complete by spring 2017
IGETC: Complete by spring 2017
ECS: Working full time as a night shift IT support
TAG: Irvine

Major: mechanical engineer
Overall GPA: 3.9
Major GPA: 4.0
Pre-Reqs: completed by spring 2017
ECS: unrelated major work
TAG: irvine

Major: Chemical Engineering
Overall GPA: 3.3
Major GPA: 3.15
Pre-Reqs: All complete, plus a little extra (finished o’chem sequence at my CC)
IGETC: Should be complete
ECS: I spent my freshmen year working at RadioShack and helped start a the Robotics Club at my CC. I interned for almost a year at a Lufthansa electroplating lab, and was promoted to lab technician for 2 months, then I left to focus on school again. I spent this last summer at USC working in a microbiology lab through a summer program.
TAG: TAGing into UCSC for bioengineering.

My GPA is a bit low, but I’m hoping my ECs make up for it and show them that I am dedicated to my field regardless of my grades.

Good luck to everyone!

Major: Psychology
Overall GPA: 3.68
Major GPA: Not sure
Pre-Reqs: Missing 3 classes but assist says completion of pre-reqs for Psych Major isn’t required for admission (cross my fingers!)
IGETC: Completed
ECS: Work 15-20hrs/week, FYE Program at my cc
TAG: Davis (Accepted!)

Major: Environmental Science
Overall GPA: 3.08
Major GPA: ??
Pre-Reqs: Completed by Spring 2017
IGETC: One left, taking this spring
ECs: Work 20 hrs/week, thats pretty much it
TAG: UCSC (Approved) :slight_smile:

Overall GPA:3.347
Major GPA:3.29
Pre-Reqs: all done and 3 recommended courses done by spring.
ECS: a few clubs (vice pres) part time work. Essays kind of strong.
TAG: None as of yet

Btw guys a few of my courses like discrete math don’t articulate for some reason to irvine( articulate to other UC’s) do you think it will matter?
Since its the same thing

Received my acceptance letter into Paul Merage School of Business today, Pretty surprised to receive it so early! Best of luck to you guys…

@okokokokok123 Were you a honors to honors or TAG student? Did your portal change?

Yeah I was part of my school’s honors program and I was TAG for UCSB. My portal says you’ve been accepted…

Accepted. Math major. Transfer student. 3.9gpa, one B in a major class.

ACCEPTED woo hoo

Major: Mathematics
GPA: 3.71
Pre-Req: Almost all completed except some physics
EC: Not much
TAG: Approved UCI

havent gotten an accepted email yet :frowning:

Chance me?
Decision: Pending
Major: Electrical Engineering
GPA: 3.94
TAG: None
Pre-reqs: All required.
Essay: 8/10 hopefully
EC: not many just a couple of clubs
Accepted: Just UCSB so far. I’m not going to check UCSC anymore.

UCI Welcome package arrived.

Decision: Admitted
Major: Social Ecology
-Honors to Honors agreement
GPA: 3.78
IGETC: Complete
Pre-reqs: Incomplete
Extra c: Club president and founder, worked for non-profit (MUN organization) for two years, NGO internship, Honors program and honors agreement with UCI and UCLA
Job: Worked part time as tutor and assistant
Accepted to: UCI, UCSB, UCSD

has anyone who has gotten admitted received an email invitation to apply to a UCI research program over the summer? i haven’t been admitted yet but i received two emails about that. don’t know what’s taking so long :frowning:

@otoribashi I haven’t been admitted or received the invitation. What is your major?

I’m curious as to when they’re going to start releasing decisions. I looked at last years thread and applicants recieved responses from mid to late april