Fall 2019 SFSU Transfer Thread

Just decided to make a thread myself since I applied to SFSU!

Hi. I applied to SFSU as well, but with a very different circumstance. Spring 2017 I got kicked out of SJSU and now I am attending community college. Trying my best to do well at community college so I can get 60 units and transfer to SFSU as a communications major. Do you know when SFSU is coming out with acceptances??

@kayasizzle they’ve already accepted a lot of people who applied in October. I received my letter of acceptance on December 19th and I think a lot of people were accepted mid-end of December.

@mchoneybone I applied November 26 and I still didn’t receive my decisions! :0 is this not good?

@kayasizzle I applied at the end of november too and I still havent received any decisions, but it says that they received my application on december 10th.

@zainsf What is your major?

@kayasizzle my major is Cinema

@zainsf Very cool. My major is communications. Is your decision still pending for SFSU?

@kayasizzle yeah it is, hoping I find out soon so I can plan ahead for housing

@zainsf I am also waiting! Nothing yet. When do you think we will get our decisions??

@kayasizzle I feel like it will be around the middle of February, but hoping it is sooner.

@kayasizzle what’s your gpa? That might be the only thing that’s causing a delay because that was really the only thing they accepted me off of I’m sure.

@mchoneybone My GPA is a 3.77.

@kayasizzle I was reading threads from transfers last year and it seems as though SFSU continues accepting from January throughout March. Lots of people got in with 3.4s and higher. I’m sure you’ll get in. Just be patient :o)

@mchoneybone do you think i have a chance with a 3.1 with a major is cinema. My counselor said I have a pretty good chance

@zainsf I researched some threads for you and it looks like back in 2011 you could get into SFSU with a 2.4 or higher even if you weren’t local. Check out the third post on this thread: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/san-francisco-state-university/2041083-sfsu-class-of-2022-p3.html … lemondrop77 got in with 3.0 from high school so I’d say you’ve got a pretty good chance. If you’re still unsure, keep searching the forums with keywords like GPA, SFSU, and 3.1, 2.9, 3.0. Lots of threads should pop up for you with more hopeful SFSU applicants with the same doubts :wink:

Thanks so much @mchoneybone, this is really helpful!

@zainsf no problem! maybe we’ll end up crossing paths in the SFSU film program :o)

@mchoneybone I didn’t receive any decision yet, I am patiently waiting. I updated my application because I took one psychology class for 3 weeks in January, so my GPA is a 3.7 now. I hope I get something this coming week! Taking forever to get the decisions, my friends already got in a while back.

I got accepted to San Francisco State University today as a communication studies major.

GPA: 3.7