Fall 2019 SFSU Transfers Thread

I applied to SFSU as a transfer student. Major is communications. I have a very different circumstance right now. I attended SJSU but got kicked out/dismissed in Spring 2017. In Fall of 2017, I decided to give myself another chance on my education even though what happened to me is so hard to face. Now, I am at community college (its my last semester), and I’m hoping to transfer to SFSU in Fall of 2019. Does anyone know when admissions decisions come out??

http://future.sfsu.edu/impaction may help.

Hey, I looked at your link and communications is not in the list of impacted majors. So hopefully I get in!

Might not be looking to good. I got into an apparently impacted major back in November. Exactly Nov. 8th, I got an email from undergrad admissions that I was accepted into the industrial design program at SFSU.

I applied in early October.

Now I’m apparently waiting on the department, because they have to accept me (it makes zero sense).

That being said, considering they’re all over the place, I’d simply wait till feb. Getting kicked out of a school is never a good look, but honestly…

So you think I’ll get in even if I got kicked out from SJSU??

You just might. It depends WHY you got kicked out, and if you’re in good standing with your CC, then you should be fine, honestly. Also depends on your overall GPA. But I would honestly call admissions and ask them what’s up.

Id like to make a correction, I got into SFSU in December, not November.

@someguyinSJ I got kicked out because I was on academic probation and I had a low GPA at SJSU (1.0 gpa). However, at my community college I have had a dramatic shift and my GPA is 3.75 with all A’s, 1 B, and 1C. Yes, I have improved a lot. That is why I applied to universities to see if they can give me a second chance. What do you think?

You should be fine, you’re in good standing with the last school you attended. SFSU actually looks at the damn transcript, unlike SJSU.

@someguyinSJ Does SFSU send their admission decisions through email??

Both. I got my admission letter via email back in mid-December…Then a few weeks later (about a month), you get one in the mail, saying you got in. check your application on the portal.

@someguyinSJ Are you going to attend SFSU? Congrats. I really hope I get in despite what happened to me at SJSU, and I hope to see you on campus. I am also really considering joining a sorority as a transfer student to get the college experience plus a new way to go into college. I know my grades have to be good to join, but I’m definitely thinking about it.

I applied at SFSU as a transfer student, major interior design. I seen in threads that they’ve sent out admission decisions already. I checked my email and login portal and nothing is updated, it just says my application is under preliminary review?

@gigidiamands I also applied as a transfer student and I haven’t gotten anything either. Its a little worrying and stressful I’ve been looking at my email every day…no letter. My application also says it’s under preliminary review. What do you think?

I’m sure you’ve gotten in. Call admissions and see what’s up, they should be able to help you out.

Remember, you guys will know one way or another by March if you got into your selected programs. Perhaps I was one of the lucky few people who got their acceptance early. I’m 27, with a 2.7 cumulative (coincidence, I know), so probably auto accepted due to some form of affirmative action on my age (unlikely).

Regardless, call the admissions and records and ask them why there is a hang up when a lot of people you know already got accepted.

@kaya I’d look at other schools for interior design. Chief issue being, the ID program at SFSU isn’t recognized by the school in the DESIGN department, it’s in a social sciences department. Probably one of the weaker ID schools you could choose and would probably be best if you just kept it as a back up.

I got into a few other schools for design, but might just choose SFSU if I get in via the department. Cheapest school out there, so eh. And yeah, would be cool if we came across one another on campus! haha/

SFSU is definitely a back up. I still have 4 other schools I applied to choose from, but it’s always good to keep my options open. Thanks for your honesty though!

Major: Kinesiology: Exercise Science
GPA: 3.07
AA-T/AS-T: None
Pre-reqs: All completed
Golden 4: All completed
Area: Rancho Cucamonga
Other schools applied to: SFSU, CSUSB, CSUN, CSULB, CSULA, CSUF, CSUEB

@someguyinSJ My major is communication studies, not interior design.