Fall 2019 Transfers

Hi! Did anyone else here apply to CC as a transfer for fall 2019?? Decisions just came out and i wanted to see if there was a Facebook group for admitted students!? or if any potential students were on here!

hey! I got accepted today! I don’t know of any admitted transfer groups, which is why I came over here lol

@forest2021 congrats! Same here. Maybe they’ll send out additional info with a fb group, orientation info, next steps? I feel most acceptances come with info lol

I got an email saying that my decision won’t be released until the second week of May :frowning: I think it’s because I sent it my high school transcript super late so that’s totally on me. Congrats to those who got accepted though!!

I got an email saying that I will have a response until May. Do you guys know why some are being notified and some others are not?

@alianmarin hmmm, I’m not really sure. I had all my application materials in on time if that helps with anything. I wish you luck though!

They said it’s because I applied for financial aid through the school, that is why is taking longer for some applicant to find out.