Fall 2020 Admission Stats

Northeastern has published, sort of, their Fall 2020 admission stats.

Fall Boston freshman enrolment is 3142 students which is an over enrolment of nearly 350 students. The acceptance rate rose to 20.5% from a previous low of 18% last year. This does not include about 900 students enrolled in NU In. The average SAT of enrolled students is 1457 and 33.5 for the ACT. Not all students are on campus of course as Northeastern has a full hybrid model of on campus and remote learning.


Given all the turmoil this past Spring those are pretty good figures.

That SAT is, as you state, for ENROLLED. Those who enroll are always on the lower end of the ACCEPTED range. Their accepted range was 1470-1550.

Interesting that even with the state of the world right now and how crazy college admission was this past year that northeastern was still over-enrolled. A lot of schools were expecting to be under-enrolled. Seems like NEU thought the same thing since the acceptance rate rose this year.

They seem to be over-enrolled every year. Seems like a NEU degree is becoming more and more desirable. especially in this economy.