Fall 2020 Grad admission decisions

Any update on the Fall 2020 Grad admission decisions?

I am still waiting. When did you apply and for which major?

@yam123 Early October for Software Engineering

@niksham : me too for SE. Applied in Nov

any updates on grad admission results?

No. No updates yet.

@niksham Sjsu has released decisions for software engg. Check your status as well.

@yam123 no update yet. I don’t see any new messages. How did it go for you?

@niksham Accepted

@niksham you should check with the department if still there is no decision on yours.

Congrats @yam123 Yes. Planning to call them tomorrow. What was your GRE score?

@niksham 317 . any updates. students are still receiving admits.

@yam123 I see the application status now as accepted. But no emails yet. Did you get an email?

@niksham great congratulations. They dont send mail. Its only the status. Hope to see you at the campus.

@niksham btw what was your profile like gre scores and experience?

@yam123 thank you. The GRE score is 313.
3.5 years of IT experience.

@niksham are you planning to attend SJSU? any progress regarding I20. I haven’t heard anything from sjsu yet .

Yes. Will be joining SJUS. I am on H4, so joining with H4 status.

I sent you a pm kindly check.

Public service announcement:

If you didn’t meet the EI for your major and would still like to attend SJSU, check your MySJSU portal and look at your messages. It appears that they are extending the deadline for the Spartan Pathways program.

You can read about Spartan Pathways here:

The original deadline for Spartan Pathways was March 26th, so there is a chance that they did not receive enough applicants (to meet their 100 places).