Fall 2020 Transfer Admission

Hi all,

I have a friend who recently applied to Smith College for Fall 2020 Transfer admissions. She has a question that maybe someone else who applied can answer:

Does anyone know when the notification date will be for the first wave of applicants/ and, or second wave of applicants? (She’s not sure if she falls into the first wave or second wave category. The preferred deadline I believe was February 1st and she said she handed all other documents by the first deadline but the college Transfer report was not handed in until March 3, and up until the week of 02/24 she had received emails from Smith admission about the form being missing.)

Keep us posted…also waiting to hear about transfer acceptance. Best of luck.

@OnTheFly11 Thanks and I will keep updating with new information if my friend hears anything. Good luck to you too!

Since my last post, my friend emailed admissions about the decision date. She didn’t get a specific date (she didn’t exactly ask either lol), but if anyone was concerned about when applicants will be notified due to the Coronavirus, so far Smith is releasing decisions for transfers as scheduled. They will email applicants if anything changes. My guess would be maybe next week for the first wave of applicants, since RD first year students hear back this Friday.

Also, I did a little research for my friend and this may or may not be useful for other current and future Transfer applicants. If anyone applied after the February 1st deadline, it’s possible you will hear back in early June, depending on if you sent in your transcripts and recommendations by Feb 1st. I was looking through past threads for Transfers that applied to Smith and I found that some people did hear back in March, even if they did not submit their Midterm evaluation until a week or two before decisions came out. I think as long as you have the most important documents in by the Feb 1st deadline (transcripts, recommendations, course information, etc.) you could may be send in the midterm evaluation or college transfer report in early March and still hear back early. However, that is just my thoughts given what I have seen from previous threads. I highly encourage anyone to call or email the admissions office if you have any questions about the notification date.

This was really helpful! Thank you.

Got an email today saying there should be information posted at 4:30 ET on the 24th. =) fingers crossed.

I am an Ada applicant and I received the same email.

I’ll also be waiting on the 24th!! Best of luck!

The February 1st date was the original due date for applications. However, Common App screwed up and made the date the 15th because that was the due date last year. I spoke to Sidonia when she came to our school in October. She checked it and verified that the due date was going to stay the 15th. The date for financial aid paperwork was supposed to be the 1st of Feb also but because nothing on the Common App dictated that, they allowed financial aid applications to be submitted until the 15th.

The email I got a few days ago, as someone else stated said that we’ll have a decision by 4:30 pm tomorrow, March 24th.

Hi all! I am a hopeful Ada. I received the email as well about decisions coming out today by 4:30!

Has anyone received anything yet?

When I try to log in to Net Partner as of now, it’s asking me to set up a password but it won’t take my current one. I hope this is a good sign!

Update: I was able to log in and see my awards! They are offering some amazing financial aid and I’m happy to say that Smith is now the front runner in my college selection!

??for all of you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Bummer, waitlisted!
Good luck everyone!

Just got rejected :frowning:

Oh man, I’m sorry guys. Don’t let this dissuade you! Students like us have to keep going, doing our thing, no matter what. I’m sorry Smith didn’t see what makes you shine, but that doesn’t mean other schools won’t. Best of luck with all your other apps!

Waitlisted too. Pretty happy to had made it to the waitlist! Not a big program to get into. Lots of competition. Pretty amazing to make out to the waitlist.


I got into Smith College for Fall 2020 as a transfer, and it is currently my preferred choice. If any of you who got accepted want to chat that would be great! It is good to have some familiar faces in a new college, especially as a transfer student.

My daughter is still waiting to hear. She applied on the later side, and I guess they do a second round of transfer decisions that isn’t released until June 1, unfortunately

For those of you who have heard back, when do you need to notify them? @cleopatralum @iggywiggly

I am also waiting on a decision from Smith, but I believe they had to notify Smith by May 1 so that way the admissions committee would know how many spots were still open for the fall!

Did anyone who was admitted get an email about “Retrieving Financial Aid Decision” several days before decisions were released?