Fall 2020 Transfer Students (Transfer Stats)

This discussion is for people that want to show their stats and be chanced for possible admission into NC State.

Set up your chance post like this as a transfer student with your stats…

Current/Former college (s) -

College GPA -

Credits Earned -

Degrees Earned or Seeking -

Intended Major (what you plan to major in a NC State) -

Awards & Achievements in College -

Volunteer or work experience -

Classes and Grades -

Other stats -

Chance me!

Current/Former college (s) - Wake Tech
College GPA - 3.750
Credits Earned - 64

Degrees Earned or Seeking - Associate’s Degree in Science (earned 12/16/19) from WTCC

Intended Major (what you plan to major in a NC State) - Animal Science

Awards & Achievements in College - President’s list (2017), graduated Wake Tech with honors (2019) (noted on my transcript)

Volunteer or work experience - General SPCA volunteer and part-time student employee at Wake Tech (from Aug. 2018 - Dec 2019)

Classes and Grades -

Core classes for competition
BIO 111 - B
BIO 112 - C
ENG 111 - A
ENG 112 - A
CHM 151 - B
CHM 152 - A
MAT 171 (Pre-calculus) - A
MAT 263 (Brief calculus) - A

PSY 150 - A
ACA 122 (WTCC required course) - A
SOC 210 - A
ECO 251 - A
PHI 240 - A
HIS 111 - A
HUM 110 - A
COM 110 - A
ART 114 - A
HIS 112 - A
MUS 110 - A
CHM 090 - A
ART 111 - A

Other stats - I have two W’s on my transcript from withdrawing from two math classes before taking them again and a co-requisite that doesn’t count which was CHM 090 that I didn’t take in high school.

former college: wake tech cc

credits earned at wake tech: 26

wake tech gpa: 3.23

current college: cape fear cc

credits earned at cape fear: 18, will have 36 by may

cape fear gpa: 3.79

degree earned or seeking: associates in arts. will be completed may 2020

intended major at nc state: communications with focus in public relations (within the school of humanities)

experiences (work/volunteer etc):
founded a ministry for the homeless in Wilmington NC (2019)
employed part time at YMCA currently (2019-present)
was employed full time while at wake tech (2019)
run a clothing reselling business (2017-present)
over 200 hours of volunteer work at ymca (2015-2016)
nursery supervisor at local church (2018-present)
volunteer at food bank of central and eastern nc when available (2018-present).

spirit to serve award from Marriott hotels (2019)
deans list at wake tech & cape fear
offered admission into the National Society of Leadership and success (offered to top 5% of wake tech students)
submitted a letter of recommendation from a recent professor

classes and grades:

ACA 122: A
ENG 111: A
HIS 131: A
PSY 150: B
SOC 210: A

ART 111: B
BUS 110: A
ENG 112: C
GEL 111: C

MAT 171: W (summer session)

BUS 137: A
MAT 171: B
COM 110: A
CIS 110: A
PHI 240: A
PED 110: A


ANT 210
ANT 220
COM 120
MUS 110
POL 210
SOC 220

@emilyklein2000 your stats look really good. There also competitive. You will also transfer with more than 30 credits which is great and your degree. Plus your graduating this May. Make sure to keep your grades up in your final courses to at least A’s and B’s. From looking at your stats you won’t have a problem achieving this at all. Your student profile is awesome. Congratulations!

Thank you! Best of luck to us both :slight_smile: hopefully we will both be a part of the pack!

@emilyklein2000 not a problem, good luck! It almost seems like we have to wait forever for 4/15/2020. No worries though! Thanks again.