Fall 2020 transfers

Hey all,
Thought I’d start this thread since there isn’t one. I applied at the priority deadline of Jan 1st, here are my stats!

Major: Data Science
HS GPA: 3.3 – International Student
College GPA: 3.3
SAT: 1230
SAT Subject tests: 620, 720, 750
APs: 3, 3, 3, 4, 4

Let me know yours and how your application process went/is going? :smile:

Applied by priority and got in last week.

major: biology
college gpa: 3.7

@rosecalifornian Congrats!! I am still waiting on my decision, when exactly did u apply?

@naturalstats I also applied did you submit a letter of rec?

@dubbe408 I did not, I asked if I could at this point but I think it may be a bit too late for me. I still have not heard back, really nervous! When did you apply?

@naturalstats I only applied about 2 weeks ago. On their website it says decisions should come out 3-4 weeks after they received all material regarding application. I still did not recieve an email from them regarding my application status log in information. How long did it take for you to get that?

@dubbe408 I emailed them earlier and they got back to me saying that they are currently going through applications and releasing decisions on a weekly basis. That is strange, I got my portal info pretty much the same day I applied. You should definitely email or call them and check!

@naturalstats did you email the appstatus@usfca? Which depertment did you email I emailed the transfer@usfca and they never got back to me?
I only received an email they got my application and I will be emailed my log in status but nothing yet
When did you apply?

@dubbe408 I reached out to the appstatus email address. I applied Jan 1st.

@naturalstats good luck youll probably be hearing soon
how many units do you have

I’m a transfer applicant from New York. I applied through regular. Haven’t heard back from them but hopefully I will soon. Does anyone know how soon they get back to those that are applying regular? I’m also crossing my fingers that financial aid will be generous but I know that’s hard to come by with a private institution.

Why did you list your High School GPA if you are a Transfer student?

@rosecalifornian ; it’s a bit late, but congratulations on your admission! did you also happen to do any extracurriculars, and if so, can you list them? it would be a lot of help!