Fall 2020 Transfers

Any transfers out there…? 0:

Yep! Applying as a public policy major from a UC

Yay! I am so nervous about this decision tbh

@transfer143948 what year are you?

I’m a junior transfer!

Same! I do not think I;ll get in but I’m just going to hope that I do.

Do you know when decisions come out?

For the past 2 years, they’ve released decisions on May 15th. Good luck!

Do you think it will be the same since the deadline was extended?

Since most schools release at least some decisions by mid-May, my guess is that they won’t delay the decision date by more than a few days (or do 2 waves of decisions).

Did you all do the interview and video?

What is everyone’s stats

I did the video! I’ll post my stats with my decision

@collegekidfrank did you interview or do the video? What are your stats?

Do you all think that COVID-19 will affect the amount of transfer students CMC accepts? Like will it decrease the amount? Pomona seemed to accept the same amount of transfer students this year regardless of everything happening so hopefully it doesn’t impact CMC’s decisions

I think it will stay the same or increase if people can’t attend next year

I can’t believe we hear back next week!!!

i’ve been losing so much sleep from the anxiety of waiting for decisions… is this just me?

I’m not losing sleep, but I’m getting nervous for sure

Is CMC your top choice? Did you all apply / get accepted to anywhere else?