Fall 2021 CSUN Transfer Thread

Hi everyone! Haven’t seen any transfer threads on CSUN yet so I decided to make one! Feel free to give what major you applied to, gpa, local, other schools applied to, etc… As for me I found out yesterday I was accepted! :slight_smile: Still waiting on two other csu’s though


Congratulations on CSUN hiheyhelloo!!! :sunny:

Here are my stats:

Major: English
GPA: 3.54
Local or non-local: in-state, CCC transfer
College Pending: UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCI, UCR, USC


has anyone applying to film production heard back from admissions yet???

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Sup mfers csun lookin a little lonely LOL!

I got accepted today as a fall 2021 transfer! Anyone else?

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No didnt apply

Congrats!! :smile: I was accepted as well a little over a week ago

Has anyone been able to view financial aid awards?

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Hopefully 10k for u LOL

Has anyone applying to Junior year Film Production heard back from admissions yet? I am getting anxious because the portfolio deadline is March 14 and I have heard nothing yet from CSUN :frowning:

Just got accepted.
Major: Business Admin. - Accounting
GPA: 3.4
Golden Four: Completed
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: Finished
Local: No, LA area
Applied: CSULB (waitlisted), CSUF (accepted), CPP(accepted), CSUN (accepted)

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Just got rejected

Major: Sociology
Transfer GPA: 3.84
AA-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: Completed
Golden Four: A A A A
Local: Burbank

Very strange. I’ve been accepted to both UCSC and CSULB so it’s hard to makes sense of a CSUN rejection.

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You have amazing stats! So strange…my only guess is if sociology is an impacted major? Congrats on UCSC and CSULB!!

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Lol why

Congratulations :cherry_blossom:

Lol how :frowning: csun is that selectice?

Hey All, so I was accepted to CSUN a few weeks ago but I just noticed something in my portal that made me really confused. Underneath the “My Status” drop-down it says “You are a Sophomore for the Fall Semester 2021.” Which is super confusing because I applied for Junior level transfer and I will have completed more than 60 units as of Spring 2021. Anyone know whats up?

mine was the same and im very confused