Fall 2021 Transfer Admissions for SDSU

If you have enough or a lot of ur major prep work done and a good gpa. That way you can enter into their major course load which is a lot. It’s gonna be 400+ level and 500+ level classes for ur last 60 units.

Aw that sucks :frowning: where are u going to be going to man?

Thank you!

Currently my top two that gave me acceptances are Cal Poly SLO and UC Santa Cruz.

I’m still waiting for UCI, UCSD, and Berkeley as those will be my top picks if I do get accepted (they should all be out in the next two weeks).

Although Cal Poly SLO is really great for engineering and on par with UCLA and Berkeley, they are giving me the least financial aid. It’s about 17k in loans/out of pocket per year compared to UC’s which is like 5-8k in loans only per year.

Aw I see. What’s the cost per semester for tuition? This isn’t covered by any grants or financial aid? SLO is far superior to uc santa cruz.

Still pending for international business. I talked to admissions and they said that most people with foreign transcripts wont hear back for a while :frowning::frowning::frowning:

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Aw that sucks man sdsu is #1 go aztecs!

Who knows man. I just know im going to sdsu! Wooot go aztecs 2nd best csu in the narkon. Great food. Amazing bousing. Im so blessed. Hopefullt we can meet if u get in?

Omg sdsu is on campus for fall 2021! Pog anyone kwho needs roommates hmu! Omg

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I think i mihr get a double tepeyac or tacuba doem if anyone wants to dorm hmu

Accepted for international business 4/13! If you have foreign transcripts check your portal :blush::blush::blush::blush:


Anyone still waiting for a green check by a mailed transcript? My electronic transcript from sdccd has one, but the one I had to have mailed from another state still has the red x. I sent it to them the end of March and I know it’s due by May 1st


Got all myne sccepted

Hi there, quick question. How long did it took for your SDSU Portal to show the green check mark next to the Initial Transcript from City College after you sent it electronically? I sent mine today and will like to know around when would it be processed. Thanks :slight_smile:

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1 day

Were they mailed or were they electronic?

Pretty much immediately! One or two days

Yes! I went to office hours and they said they had a lot of transcripts to process so it’ll take a while till the check shows up. They said they’ll count it by the day it was sent and not when they finish

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Did you just email a copy?

no u send it through ur scc community college website; in my case scc. they should have everify for u.

electronic; not all of them can be sent; final verification and the adt final is hard until u get them accomplished