Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

I didn’t see a transfer thread for the Fall of 2021 so I decided to create one :slight_smile:
I will be applying as an Economics major in the College of Liberal Arts. What about y’all?
Additional information:
3.72 GPA
55 hours (12 in progress, with completion of AA degree in May)
PTK member
4 LOR’s

Applying to electrical engineering in Cockrell from U-Michigan due to Covid. 3.6 GPA on 89 hours(13 more in progress) with merit scholarships and engineering extracurriculars.

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since you’re out of state with that gpa your chances are pretty slim in my opinion. engineering is already extremely competitive for in state students i can’t even imagine out of state .

I applied for UT Austin. Hoping to hear some good news from them. Not sure why this thread is so dead.