Fall 2021 transfer

anyone heard back? my checklist appeared for the first time recently after not existing for months…

Nothing here yet.

I looked at last year’s thread and apparently GW is one of the last schools to give out decisions.

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did anyone hear back yet?

I looked at last year threads. Seems earliest was May 23 but most not till June/July. :frowning:

yeah i’ve read that some people got their decisions in late may- i hope that is the same this year. June-July is so late because by than we need housing and to start picking classes. oooooff i hope we hear back next week!

Yeah, it’s so late! Then everything will be a scramble!

does anyone know what theyre gonna do about the decisions coming out so late and other schools requiring deposits? i’m waiting to hear back from GW but most of my accepted schools require deposits June 1…

they are notorious for being one of the last ones. Look at threads from last year.

I wonder what the reasoning is of waiting so late.

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Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of a Facebook page, or want to start a GroupMe?