Fall 2021- University of San Diego Transfer Students

Hey everyone!
I haven’t seen a forum for USD fall 2021 transfer applicants, so I wanted to create this so we can keep each other in the loop of admissions decisions, ask or answer any questions. It seems admissions decisions can go out anytime from April to July, so this could be helpful to keep everyone informed!

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Hi there!

Current USD transfer student here… Transfer decisions are generally released starting May 1st-June! Most of the decisions that come back in July are application submitted after the Regular decision deadline! Check back often but definitely have some patience! Their is no particular order or pattern in which they are released so do not freak out if you do not hear for a bit.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

Best of luck!!

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Hey just curious if any transfers have been accepted yet. I applied on the last day of the regular deadline and am still waiting. In their webinars they said decisions were being released in batches every Wednesday and that they’d get most decisions out by June 1st. So far I’ve been accepted to Sonoma and San Jose and waitlisted at UCSD and UCSB.

Haven’t heard anything yet.

I found out about a month ago that I got accepted for political science

Hey congrats! I was accepted on June 15th for Behavioral Neuroscience and committed. They gave me a grant that covers almost all the tuition which made the difference.