Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

Transfer admission rate for fall 2022

Hey guys, I had a question about my chance of admission for transfer. I attended one semester at penn state and the other one is currently on going at uncc. I had a 3.19 gpa at penn state and I ended up with a 3.8 gpa this semester for uncc. I’ll have 30-31 credits by the end of this semester, and I’m currently double majoring in economics and political science, although for NC state admission I intend to apply as a political science major on my application, and then adding the economics major once I get accepted. My SAT score is a 1390 and my HS gpa was not good, but I’m hoping I won’t have to submit that due to me having 30 plus credits at the end of this semester (plus the fact I got denied from Ncsu when I applied out of HS, although then I applied for Poole), and I’ll be applying for admission for fall 2022 at the end of this semester. What are my chances of being admitted for fall 2022 as a transfer student? Thanks I’d really appreciate a reply

NCSU makes it pretty hard to add or change majors. You need to keep in mind CODA (change of degree application) itself is a competitive process. You’re not guaranteed to get an econ double major, and it’s probably unlikely. You gotta be fine with graduating with whatever major you’re admitted for.