Fall Break 2012 - Ride Share / Private Shuttle Thread

<p>Before I book the UA shuttle, wondering if we on CC can’t coordinate some private shuttles.</p>

<p>My son flies home Thursday 10/4 at 11:30 and returns Sunday 10/7 at 1:55 p.m.</p>

<p>UA shuttle is o.k. but he’s waiting an extra 2 hours at the airport each way. </p>

<p>Those of you with experience hiring private shuttles, what’s the maximum number of kids that can fit in one ride (do they have vans or just cars)?</p>

<p>My daughter arrives in Birmingham at 2:30 and would be interested in sharing a ride if the price is similar to the UA shuttle. She is also looking for a ride to the airport on Tuesday for a 6pm flight.</p>

<p>My daughter and friend are also looking to share a ride to the airport. Their flight is on Thursday at 1:15pm and the arrive back in Birmingham on Sunday at 4:45pm. Private message me if any of that works.</p>

<p>Class 2012 Mom,
Your son and mine appear to be on the same flights, based on the flight arrival/departure times. I have not booked the shuttle yet either, but may be interested in sharing a ride.
I’ve asked S to check w/roommates and friends to see if anyone is driving to the airport.</p>