Fall Classes - Campus move in

Just starting a thread to capture discussions related to being on campus this fall.

Fordham has sent out the detailed plan at https://news.fordham.edu/university-news/fordham-forward-campus-reopening-fall-2020/

But one question I had is about testing. It says:

We encourage all students to get tested at home no more than 7 days before final arrival at campus. Those who test positive at home will be asked to delay move- in/access to campus until they are no longer symptomatic and are cleared to return by their personal physicians. All students coming to campus will be required to provide proof of testing and clearance (i.e. a negative test result within the last 7 days).

So does that mean a test is mandatory or one can’t move into campus? What if testing is not freely available for a student?

Luckily NY is now one of the best states from COVID metrics perspective and confidence is higher that Fordham will be open for classes.