Fall move in date

<p>Hi -</p>

<p>My daughter will be a new freshman this fall. The dorms open on the Wednesday before class starts on the following Monday.</p>

<p>When do most new freshmen move in? Are there activities that my daughter will miss if she doesn't move in until the weekend? (She will do orientation in June, so registration should be taken care of). I'd really like to go with her to help her move and and to assure myself that she is settled, but I just started a new job so missing two days midweek is not possible.</p>

<p>What goes on during the five days from dorm opening to class? Is it imperative that she be there the entire time?</p>


<p>Moving in can be a hassle, depending on what time you go. I'm the last of four children to go to college (being the youngest), and I've helped two of my three siblings move in to their dorms. I'd recommend not moving in during the last couple of days, because it's going to be hell. If you avoid the last two days of move-in, you'll usually be much happier.</p>

<p>I'm going to head up there on Thursday, maybe Friday and move in. That gives the weekend to settle in, meet a few people, and check out the city and the campus. My parents are in the same boat as you, my mother is a teacher and my father is booting up his own company, so there's no way for them to take off. I may end up going up to move in on my own for the first day. If you're daughter is comfortable with it, she could head up late during the week and you could follow a day later.</p>

<p>According to my siblings, it's fine to not be there the entire time. People are just active, moving around, settling in, getting last minute supplies, etc. Especially if your daughter is in a freshman only dorm, there probably won't much that would be missed if you're a few days late to moving in. The only thing that's going to happen is frustration. The later you arrive, the more people are there and the more stress from moving-in. Parking only gets worse.</p>

<p>Nothing more than exploration goes on. New students just walking around looking at all the new stuff they get to experience.</p>

<p>Other than a few activities that organizations might host, nothing much goes on.</p>

<p>Thanks! Good to know that moving in early, while convenient, isn't imperitive.</p>

<p>I'll probably take your advice and let her go up by herself on Friday afternoon with a few of her things. Then I can drive up early on Saturday morning with the rest of her stuff and help her move in. </p>

<p>Anybody know how early the dorms open on Saturday (in case she decides to wait until Saturday to move in)? Maybe it wouldn't be so crowded early in the morning.</p>

<p>Thanks again!</p>


<p>We moved D in late on a Friday when the dorms opened on Wed. Wed was a madhouse per her roommate. I told her I was not really in a position to take multiple days off work to move in on a Wed. I got off work a little early Friday and we drove 6 hours, arriving about 9pm. It was quieter, it was NOT AS HOT, we moved her in in a few hours. Then we went to the hotel room and crashed. We slept in, went to Target and whatnot for last minute items the next day. </p>

<p>Her roomie "had" to be there at 9am Wed to move in as soon as the dorms opened. Then she sat there until Fri calling and asking my D when she was going to get there.</p>

<p>There are things here and there going on, but to be honest, moving in over the weekend will be fine.</p>

<p>Once the dorms open on Wed, you can move in 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Really. You can check in at the desk ANYTIME. IT is manned 24 hrs a day from the time the dorms open until they close for Christmas break. I suggest EARLY in the morning or wait until evening. Mid day is HOT HOT HOT HOT.</p>

<p>Dont they have Seminole sensation week going on around that time?</p>


<p>That sounds like a good plan. Nice to know that the dorms are open 24 hours. I'll ride up with my daughter on Friday in her car and my husband can drive up on Saturday and pick me up.</p>


<p>We were told at orientation that the morning move ins are VERY busy. The early afternoons slow down, and then all the people start arriving from S. Florida around dinnertime. We are going to try for Thursday late afternoon.</p>

<p>Seminole Sensation week has become watered down over the years, mostly due to budget cuts and the fact that the dorms open less than a week from the start of classes, and in the middle of the week. When the dorms used to open on the weekend before the weekend before, there was a lot going on. Now, not so much. The website doesn't even have anything listed yet. There are usually things like a Bar BQ, a breakfast, paint a pot, an outdoor movie. If you move in Wed and your folks leave right away, there are things to do. But if you don't move in until Fri or Sat, you are not missing much. YOU WANT TO GO TO CONVOCATION on Sunday FOR SURE. It is a great way to start your FSU career.</p>

<p>For the girls, rush is going on for many that week.</p>

<p>yea. I want to Rush....
What is Convocation</p>

<p>Convocation is a ceremony for the incoming freshman class. There will be a guest speaker. It marks the beginning of your time at FSU. At the end, the graduation is supposed to take place in the same spot, 4 years from now.</p>

<p>You can sign up to move into the dorms early on the Monday before the fall term starts if you are rushing.</p>

<p>Convocation is included as part of rush, and if you get a bid before convocation you go and sit with your sorority pledge class. If you get a bid after, you go and sit with your Rho Gamma group. Bids are scheduled to go out before convocation, but as anyone in Florida knows, hurricanes/weather can interfere with schedules. So they work around the delays. Two years ago a tropical storm threw a wrench into the rush schedule but it all worked out.</p>

<p>alongwait, how can i sign up early?</p>

<p>really sunnyflorida? I didnt know that</p>

<p>You do not have to sign up to move in early other than to register and pay for rush. Once you are officially registered for rush, your dorm will be aware of your status and you can move in Monday. Usually the dorms open at noon. You will get specific instructions once you register for rush about early move in. Monday is hectic with moving and starting the first round.</p>

<p><a href="https://secureapp.icsrecruiter.com/ICS/GM/v3/Pan/Web/Enrollment/RegistrationV3b.aspx?UID=FLSTAT%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://secureapp.icsrecruiter.com/ICS/GM/v3/Pan/Web/Enrollment/RegistrationV3b.aspx?UID=FLSTAT&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>well that makes it a lot easier =]</p>