Fall of 2017/ Transfer UF

Hey guys I decided to start the offical University of Florida acceptance/denial for the year of 2017.
Be sure to include:
Overall gpa:
term applied to:

When you have post your accptence /denial please re-post your stats for convenice. Thanks and good luck everyone.

Major: CLAS/Sociology
Overall GPA: 3.28(still have this semester and next)
term applied: fall 2017

Hi! I’ve posted in a couple other threads, but figured why not here. I haven’t submitted yet but plan to this week! I’m actually a business administration major, but will be applying as a history major. Is it harder to transfer from a private 4 year institution? Good luck everyone! Hope we hear good news.

Major: CLAS/History
Overall GPA: 3.64 (hope it goes up with this and next semester!)
Term applied: Fall 2017

I’m also applying from a 4-year institution (out-of-state school back to in-state) and wasn’t sure if that would make it harder to transfer. Out-of-state is getting very expensive, and UF is a great school, so applying here just seemed like the right choice to make. Hoping for the best!

Major: Materials Science and Engineering
GPA: 3.36
Term applied: Fall 2017

I’m applying from a Florida community college and will have ~70 credits by the time I transfer.

Major: CLAS Biochemistry
Overall GPA: 3.0
Pre-Prof GPA: 3.25
Term Applied: Fall 2017

I’ve also done around 2 years of tutoring, lab work, and hospital volunteering, which I wrote in the additional skills section. Emailed them about letters of recommendation and similar items, but not sure if any of that really makes any difference. I know I meet the requirements (2.5 overall and 2.75 pre-prof), and I’ve actually already completed all of my Physics courses and did really well in them which is considered “competitive”, but I’m still anxious as to whether or not I’ll get in. I’m confident in my ability to get As in Spring 2017 and Summer 2017, but I’m not sure if those grades impact whether or not I get accepted because of my GPA (although maybe the extracurricular will help). Definitely hoping for the best though, UF is by far the school I want to get into!

I am applying from Miami Dade College and i will probably have 67 credits or a bit more by the time i transfer

Major: Biology (General)
Overall GPA: 3.6
Pre-Professional GPA: 3.7
Term Applied: Fall 2017

I have not submitted the application yet because i am waiting for the university to answer some questions that i sent them through e-mail. I have done some volunteer work at a hospice and i am also part of Phi Theta Kappa although i have not done much in that organization. I have also made the Dean’s list a couple of times for at least my first year. I am still working on my statement of intent. I don’t know if I’ll get accepted but I really hope so! The college I am applying to is the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Hi All!

I have 68 community college credits so far, and I’ll be completing my AA by late April. I’ve done a good work in college, but since UF is sooo competitive I don’t know what to expect at all. PTK and NSCS Honor societies member. I’m Cuban and so is my High School diploma, in which I have an average grade of 99 out of 100 points. Still checking and rechecking what I wrote as statements of intent, there’s so much to say but barely no room. Planning on submitting my app as soon as I get my statements checked by an English professor.

Major: Geology BS (Bachelor in Science) CLAS
Overall GPA: 4.0
Term Applied: Fall 2017

@Ghosting As far as I am concerned, you don’t need letters of recommendation as part of the admission process at CLAS.

@GeoRadioactive I know that we don’t need them, but do you know if it’d help at all? With my GPA not being ideal (although still above what the requirements are), I figured every little thing might help.

@Ghosting I think you should get in touch with an admission officer and ask her this question, but I am afraid they won’t accept letters of recommendation, but who knows, maybe they look at them. I am telling you this cuz I remember seeing somewhere on their website that letters of rec. are not important, or considered for the admission process. Your GPA is not that bad, but it would look nicer if you manage to raise it after spring and summer. I know how difficult it can be to get in UF, but I have read about a man with 2.8 or 2.9 GPA who got accepted in the Nuclear Engineering program. So, what the heck, you should apply, and then phone-call and email admission officers. They need to know how interested you are in UF. Fun fact: In 2016, out of 10,085 transfer applications, 3820 got accepted and only 3,125 enrolled. Around 700 accepted applicants did not choose UF after all; they were not that interested in that school, and therefore 700 chairs remained vacant which means the school loses money. So, maybe they’ll consider your case if you insist. Good luck!

Sent my application on December 31st. Yesterday, it was updated to “Your application for admission to the University of Florida for the Fall 2017 term has been received and is being evaluated. Once your grade point average is calculated and your eligibility is confirmed, your application will be sent to your college for a final decision.
Please refer to the information below to determine whether any additional information is required. If you have sent information to us recently, please allow time for processing.”
They received my HS transcripts today morning and are waiting for the MDC transcripts to arrive. I ordered them yesterday, so maybe they’ll get them by Friday.

I am applying to transfer from FSU. I am only a freshman entering my 2nd semester, but I’ll have completed my AA by the time I enter UF and will have 60+ hours.

Major- CLAS/Political Science
GPA- 3.95
Term Applied: Fall 2017

I applied today for summer A and never received a confirmation email. How long did it take for you guys to get an email to set up your GatorLink / confirm your application?

@akobanna did you pay the fee? If so, it takes up to 4 days for the system to process your information. I applied the 31st, my app was processed on Jan 1, and got the GatorLink invitation the 4th.

I did pay the fee & I just got a confirmation email. Thanks so much!!!

Currently attending State College of Florida and applying for Fall 2017. My application has been referred to my college for final decision…super nervous. I also took an accounting class my freshman year and got a C; I’m hoping that doesn’t affect my decision too much :confused: I sent in my application before fall grades were on the transcript so I’m also not sure if I should send another one with my fall grades included…? I graduate with my AA in May. Good luck everyone!

Major: Environmental Engineering
Overall GPA: 3.6
Pre-Prof GPA: 3.6

@Vogtmrh Of course you should send them your updated transcripts. You should call admission office asap, and let them know you will send them your new transcripts. It might be too late since they have already sent your app to ur college, but I’m sure theyll welcome and review any new information you have to share with them. Good luck, and don’t forget to give’em a call.

I am applying from Santa Fe College. I will have around 76 credits when I transfer.

Major: Journalism
Overall GPA: 3.49
Term Applied: Fall 2017

I didn’t do so well my first time around in college back in 2011 (had a 2.89 GPA). But in the 2 years I have been at SFC, I have maintained a 4.0. I really hope that works in my favor. I applied online on 8/23/16 and my application was just referred to the Journalism college on 1/5/17, right after I sent them an updated transcript. I am nervous. I know the program is limited access and it’s basically a numbers game most of the time. So stressful! Good luck to everyone who’s applied!

@GeoRadioactive I thought they would’ve said to send an updated transcript if they needed it, I guess I was naive lol I’ll be sure to give them a call tomorrow. I just sent the transcript tonight.

@Vogtmrh As you should know, you have to make yourself a competitive applicant in order to get accepted into UF. It’s you job to prove them you are better than others, and what a better way that showing them you have completed more difficult courses all with high grades. This will also boost your GPA. Again, this is a competition where the strongest wins.

I’m applying from the University of North Florida. I’ve been looking into transferring here since after my first semester after being blown away by the College of Journalism. I applied in mid-September. In late December, my application was sent off to my college after I’d sent them an updated transcript.

Major: Journalism
Overall GPA: 3.51
Term applied to: Fall 2017

Best of luck to everyone!