Fall Program for Freshmen

<p>It's for spring admits. I have to decide whether I should enroll in this or not. It gives you credit, but it won't count towards the college gpa. The big problem to me is whether I should just spend my first semester at a community college to save some money and skip this program. On the other hand, I would miss a semester of living in the dorms as a new freshman, something that I won't be able to experience ever again.</p>

<p>What do you think?</p>

at cal day they only had 50 spots left, so if u want to do the program, i would sign up right away
im doing this program and i think it is essential for the adjustment period</p>

<p>heh u're probably on the wailist but goodluck anyways. have u considered other college options?</p>

<p>its really late. they ran out of spots. you could try waiting list. you can rid of your breadth requirements doing this so its a pretty good deal also since you can live in the dorms</p>

<p>I'm also a spring admit, and I want to attend the fall program. I sent in the enrollment form on the 18th morning, just founding out the next day that it's all full. Does anyone know how likely is the wait-listed people to get into the program? I'm doing my summer vacation plan, and getting in or not really affects it. Thanks.</p>

<p>actually i already have a space reserved for me.</p>

<p>there are no more spots and ull be at the end of a long waiting list. u should have been cool like me and turned it in the day after u got accepted. its only 100 bucks, and u dont have to go there. might as well reserve your space. butttttt oh well. sorry.</p>

<p>i said i have a space reserved already.</p>

<p>somehow being admitted in the spring creates a sense of inferiority.</p>

<p>i felt inferior at first but then i realized that they reject kids who should have made it to fall. 1400+ with 4.2 gpas? i guess it happens a lot.
plus, they rejected close to 10,000 4.0+'s, so we there should be only a feeling of pride</p>

<p>gpa alone doesn't really tell much about the student, since they could have earned a 4.0 taking all non ap/honors classes, or they just studied and didn't do anything else for EC. there are more factors involved.</p>

<p>i wonder those who appeal to ucb will be admitted into the fall or spring if their appeal is successful.</p>

<p>yeah we got admitted into ucb, but compared to other people who got admitted into the fall you just can't say that you don't feel inferior in some way.</p>

<p>-I would check with the extension office itself regarding openings and waitlist for the program
-My S was a Spring 2005 Admit and did the Fall Ext program. In addition to being a hook to getting into the dorms in the Fall, there are some other good things about the program such as small class sizes and not having to worry about grades.
-Statistically, the Spring Admits do fall a skotch(sp?) lower than Fall Admits (there is a website where you can query the stats and compare - I've posted it before; likely on the old CC). But BFD. You are all CAL students in the end.</p>

<p>all my friends and classmates who got accepted into ucb got admitted into the fall- except me, so it makes me feel even worse.</p>

<p>stupid berkeley, making college decisions so difficult. i wish i wasn't admitted at all so my decision would be much easier. but noo, stupid parents who won't let me decide my own future.</p>

<p>i HATE this world, and myself.</p>

<p>wow, dont hate urself. i feel inferior too. and with just reasons, seeing as i got rejected from all 6 of the other good schools i applied to. at least i GOT into spring. the next best school i have under my belt is ****ing ucsd. GREAT. i guess we all hate life in some way shape or form. oh yeah, and ucla, my dream school since 5th grade, rejected me not once but TWICE. good times, yay for life.</p>

<p>it's because of other things too, my sister is really making me feel guilty because i want to attend the fpf and live in the dorms. she needs to **** because just because she didn't get to live in the dorms doesn't mean i can't. and there is no way that i am going to commute for 2 hours each day just because she thinks its a waste of time because the program is just units for GE.</p>

<p>How do you find out if you are on the waitlist or not? I sent mine in on the 17th but I haven't heard anything back yet.</p>

<p>call them.</p>

<p>2vulgar4cc, how did u get rejected twice from ucla?? :(</p>

<p>and yea UCSD isnt a bad school.. at least not for engineering.</p>

<p>am i missing something, what is the problem with taking classes that fulfill your GE and don't go to your gpa? I think the small class size is a plus. My S took a great Classics class last Fall (and he is a math guy).</p>

<p>My other take is that Spring Admits are chosen as students who CAL knows will succeed given this small challenge. Spring Admits Rock! (tell your sister that ;-)</p>

<p>why would small classes and grades that dont count toward ur GPA be a "small challenge"??</p>

<p>i think its just the inferiority complex that ppl get when they are admitted to Spring, while seeing their friends getting into Fall. I know i would feel inferior too but its understandable.</p>