Fall Transfer 2012?

<p>Hey everyone. I'm trying to transfer to BU in the fall of 2012 from another SUNY. My projected GPA looks above a 3.2. I'm currently a freshman and a Psych major but will declare Business Admin. next semester. What are my chances and how often are students accepted as transfers? Someone help!</p>


<p>I am thrilled to see you want to transfer to Binghamton :slight_smile: I actually just transferred here from another SUNY where I was also a declared psych major. There is no set rate that admissions accepts transfer students but with a 3.2 GPA you are above admissions minimum of a 3.0! Each year, Binghamton welcomes over 1000 transfer students. I will give you the link to the transfer undergraduate admissions page - hope this helps & good luck! [Binghamton</a> University - Undergraduate Admissions - Transfer Students Information](<a href=“Information for Transfer Applicants | Undergraduate Admissions | Binghamton University”>Information for Transfer Applicants | Undergraduate Admissions | Binghamton University)</p>