Fall Transfer to NYU

<p>I'm currently studying at the University of Edinburgh, but would love to transfer to CAS for fall 2010. Not really a traditional applicant, as the marking and credit system is a bit different in the UK. I'm an Irish student, technically international but I'm not sure, as I went to secondary school in States. Please chance me, I'm so nervous!</p>

<p>SAT: CR- 690, M- 700, W-710
SAT II's: Spanish- 720, Chem-640
HS GPA 4.0
Studying Linguistics (Honours)
Current College GPA: 3.57 (An A, B, and C here in UK, equivalent to A, A-, and B in the States I think)
Activities: Model UN, Amnesty Edinburgh, Chamber Orchestra (performed for Pope twice), Linguistics Society, The Student newspaper
Employment: Pharmacist Assistant
Summer Internships/Activities: 08- Cultural Ambassador for Spanish Language Immersion Program in Spain (5 weeks); Irish Music Competitor/Ambassador in International Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann competition (Music competition held in Ireland); upcoming internship at LIJ Hospital Summer '10
Awards (Highschool): National Math Honor Society, Bronze Medal in National Spanish Exam (Bilingual Category), New York State Science Honor Society, Advanced Placement International Diploma, National Foreign Language Honor Society (think that's it... might be missing some)
Credits: Here it's "120", but I'm only in my first year, so I guess 30?</p>

<p>Hopefully the fact that I'm a) international b) experienced with language and applying for linguistics/spanish and c) banking on strong essay/recommendation, I may still have a chance despite that low GPA?! Not sure how NYU will look at it, I'll have to include a rubric for UK marking system</p>


<p>buuumppp please, I'm desperate</p>

<p>I love how it's nearly been an entire bloody week and no one has responded lol. Right I'll chance myself then? Semi-decent chance along with most of the other applicants... so not an exceptionally good chance, but a chance. Oh ****'s sake, would someone tell me if I have a chance or not? I'm chuffed that nobody has replied to this.</p>