Fall visit day?

<p>I'm a junior. I received an invitation (over email, though) for Kenyon's Fall Visit Day 2 and read through the page I was linked to. It said nothing about specifically seniors. But when I clicked on general visit days, it says, "Current high school seniord can attend presentations," in the description.</p>

<p>Was the email a mistake? Would a junior stand out, or not be allowed in?</p>

<p>For any of the one-day visit programs, we welcome students from all class years. For the overnight visit programs, however, only seniors are eligible. There is a chance that your profile might include the wrong class year (year of high school graduation)--as may be the case at other institutions, so you should email them to confirm this information. (<a href="mailto:admissions@kenyon.edu">admissions@kenyon.edu</a>)</p>