Famous person #2 dies- Dennis Hopper

<p>Dennis Hopper died today of prostate cancer, 3 days after receiving his star on the Hollywood walk of fame. If the old fable of "death comes in 3's" is true, we may expect one more shortly. So sad.</p>

<p>I think this is the third this week; Art Linkletter, Gary Coleman and now, Dennis Hopper....if you don't include Brittany Murphy's husband....</p>

<p>Dennis Hopper was looking very frail earlier this year; very sad.....</p>

<p>Death doesnt come in 3's.....it comes in 3 millions. All kinds of people die everyday. Fame does not make it any sadder.</p>

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<p>Art Linkletter died? I hadn't hear that. That is sad, and takes me back. I so fondly remember his segment "Kids say the darndest things" on his tv show.</p>

<p>And, well, of course, musicamusica, you are stating the obvious. As for the ones that hit the news though-- they tend to cluster in 3's. Or maybe its an old wives tale. Like when conversation dies its either 20' after the hour or 20' til. Anyone heard that?</p>

<p>Lena Horne died last week. She was pretty famous, if you know your Hollywood and music history. Far more so than Gary Coleman, for God's sake. So that makes Dennis Hopper the start of a new triad. Or it just proves that famous people die all the time.</p>

<p>Hopper's *Easy Rider *certainly changed the movie industry and launched the road trip genre, but it really did not age well. I got it from NetFlix a year or two ago and it has to be a serious contender for worst movie ever made. It is just dreadful in every imaginable way, right up to the cheap, manipulative ending. Really, the only saving grace in the whole mess is Jack Nicholson's break-out role and the soundtrack.</p>

Yes- of course Lena Horne was very well known-- but she died 3 weeks ago (May 9), not last week. The "Dies in 3's " would be those within a few days of each other, as in Linkletter, Coleman and Hopper. Not comparing "how famous" someone was (as if there is such a rating), but both Lena Horne and Gary Coleman were well known-- different genres and different eras, but well known/"famous".</p>

<p>My Mom loved Art Linkletter, I remember her watching him most days when I was little. He seemed like a really nice guy.</p>

<p>Oh there are rules to this silly superstition?
Some other notable recent deaths: Hank Jones, jazz pianist who played with absolutely everyone, including accompanying Marilyn Monroe when she sang "Happy Birthday" to JFK,
Dorothy Kamenshek, the model for the character played by Geena Davis in "A League of Their Own." Possibly the top woman baseball player of all time.
Great individuals, all of them!</p>

<p>No need to be a party pooper about folklore, midwesterner, unless you are trying to tell us you are a "famous person" and worried about your own safety. :D</p>

<p>yes, there are rules, Midwesterner.
The rules are that we change the rules to fit our scenario and make it work.
If a 4th or 5th person dies we find a way to disqualify those 2. -Not the same field, not famous enough, occurrance too far separated from the 3, etc.
Or, if we know of 2 and need another, less famous might be acceptable, or extending the dates we accept.</p>

<p>LOL, younghoss. Bingo!</p>

<p>here you go jym; you weren't off the mark....</p>

<p>Celebrities</a> Don't Really Die in Threes ... Do They? | PopEater.com</p>

<p>Thanks, rodney!! :D But how did the writers of that article miss Art Linkletter? :(</p>

<p>The fact that I actually remember watching Art Linkletter's "House Party" when I was little, including the interviews with kids at the end, just helps me realize how ancient I am.</p>

<p>I wonder if Sonny Fox is still around. Maybe he was just a local New York guy, but Wonderama was probably my favorite program back then.</p>

<p>OMG- Haven't thought about Sonny Fox and Wonderama in eons. I loved Sandy Becker and Soupy Sales. Unfortunately Soupy Sales passed away not too long ago (last fall- Oct 2009). And here's a piece of useless trivia that popped into my head. Soupy Sales real name-- was Milton Supman (thought I'd thought at one point he was known as Milton Hines??). Now I am off to look up who played the arms (thats all we saw) of Black tooth and White fang.</p>

<p>** Frank Nastazi- that was it!! He played Pookie too.</p>

<p>** Thank heavens for wikipedia-- Soupy Sales was Soupy Hines when he worked as a DJ. Changed it to Sales b/c it sounded too much like the ketchup product- Heinz. Doubt anyone outside my family cares....</p>

<p>DonnaL, jym: I am a huge Wonderama trivia fan, actually......i still remember the songs that were played when the kids were dancing in those bird cages...haha....</p>

<p>Sadly, Sonny Fox passed away (of I think lung cancer) in the 70's or 80's (can't remember and don't have time to investigate right now...maybe I'll be back later)</p>