FAMU Accepted/Deffered/Rejected Thread

I decided to make a new thread since this forum is kind of dead, and FSU’s is always popping like crazy. Anyway, I’m applying to them for their Nursing program, because that’s the career I’m interested in pursuing.


GPA UW: 2.902
GPA W: 3.200
Credits: 31.50


ROTC (2 1/2 years)
Theater & Drama Club
Editor-and-Chief of Journalism/Yearbook Club

SAT: 990, 900 (Second try) w/ Essay

Feel free to post your own stats below

Application Status: Waiting

@frykera When did you apply to FAMU? I applied in December and impatiently waiting :!! on a decision letter. I also applied to UNF(deferred), FGCU (waiting) and FAMU (waiting 1st choice)
GPA UW:3.67
W: 3.8
SAT: 1030 (580 reading w/essay math 450) I’m nervous about the math score.
Volleyball 4 years
volunteer +300hrs

I applied this month. Famu is my 1st choice.
GPA: 2.86 UW
3.3 W
SAT: 870
Music student for 7 years; Band captain at HS
Early Graduate
Cambridge Aice Student
Status: Waiting

I read somewhere that FAMU will send out admission decisions on February 1st (but my application has been completed since 12/16 (application finished since 11/23) so I’m hoping to find out soon). It makes me nervous to read other people say they have been admitted already. Good luck to you @Bandcap17. I will keep this post updated with any information that I find out and I hope you will too.

@DPT2023 Holy crap, then I need to pay the fee soon! o.o

@frykera what fee? Do you mean application fee?

@DPT2023 Thanks, Good luck to you as well.

How much is Famu’s full tuition (room, board, books, etc.) I see different prices all over the place.

@Bandcap17 this is what was on their website.
Cost of Attendance
The budget components are ESTIMATED averages and may not reflect your actual expenses. They are used solely for calculating financial aid eligibility. The tuition and fees component is based on 15 credit hours and average costs in the fall and spring semesters. The room and board component for residents varies depending upon housing location and meal plan.

2016-2017 Cost of Attendance
Tuition Differential (what ever this means)
*Subject to change without prior notice.  Effective 3/4/16.

Dang, I forget to check this sometimes. Sorry, but we’re not dead! I’m still planning on going, just waiting for the admission decisions.

How long does it take for them to make a decision? i applied as a transfer still haven’t heard back

Update…I will be attending UNF

Still waiting to hear back, i heard admission was disorganized! i had to send them my college transcript twice

So I applied to FAMU back in November and I was tired of waiting for a decision especially when everything was turned in since before Christmas break so I accepted admission to UNF and then today after months I finally received an email to say accepted…REALLY…(after I accepted admission to another school) [-(

How long did it take for you to hear back? I applied in February & application was complete in february and still waiting for a decision. How did you see you were accepted? @DPT2023

@cocochanel071 I applied in November 2016 and received the acceptance email April 1 2017(I thought it was an April fools joke). This school took the longest to send out decision letter out of all the schools I applied to, which sucks because it was my #1 school. They first notified me by Email, and I still have not received anything by us postal service.

@DPT2023 @cocochanel071 I got accepted today for the Summer Term! I applied for the Fall, but my plans where to do the Summer Term anyway because I did not have anything planned specifically over the summer, you know? I’m really excited!!! Like, when they told me the Admissions Committee had finalized their decision and I checked my iRattler and saw that I had been accepted, I screamed for joy! Sorry for not responding like I had originally intended, so much has been going on school-wise!


Did you get in?

Yes, but I won’t be attending here.