Fantasy football essay

I plan on majoring in finance and For the common app essay question that asked about a unique skill I said that I was very good at fantasy football. I then went on to talk about some lessons and skills I’ve learned through playing fantasy football such as the ability to analyze a players market value vs. intrinsic value and determining whether that player is a buy low or sell high. I also talked about the negotiation tactics I’ve learned through playing fantasy football. Now I’m starting to second guess myself, was it a terrible idea to write my college essay about fantasy football

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Surely it’s different. But fantasy football is also very much a game of chance. “Experts” get a lot of things wrong because there are so many variables in fantasy football. You have to have a lot of things go your way to win a fantasy championship.

I actually disagree with that in my paper. There is obviously luck involved but I think it plays a small role.

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This idea is actually genius…might steal LOL
I would make it really funny

Sounds refreshing and like something ad coms would actually enjoy reading!

Why post your very original idea here, where anyone could agree that it’s a great topic-- and steal it?

I don’t know I wanted to make sure that other people thought it was a good idea too and make sure I wasn’t making a mistake.

There’s no need to get paranoid that someone will steal your essay topic. Only a small percentage of high school students could write a coherent essay on fantasy football, yet alone the economics of fantasy football.

Great idea. Definitely go with it. Would be an interesting read.

As a 4x time league champion in paid leagues, again, I would disagree. But, to each, his own. If you could accurately predict things, you would have a crap ton of money right now. Let’s look at baseball for a sec. There are guys out there like you who are economists and statisticians who think numbers prove everything and dictate every move. They don’t. Who could’ve predicted that Daniel Murphy would go on a tear like this? There are no numbers to indicate it and he’s an average player. So a big part of fantasy is luck and chance. Who would’ve guessed that Romo and Bryant would’ve went down? That Chris Ivory would be the most dominant back in the game? That Davonta Freeman would be playing how he is right now? They were not top fantasy picks in either ESPN, Yahoo, or NFL leagues. But to each, his own.

LOL fantasy football hahaha bro this is a great idea!!!