FASA issues? NO employment for 2009, Need IRS PAPER?


<p>I just registered as a freshman at a local community college for the fall 2010. There seems to be a problem with my FASA application. I did not have a job for 2009 and could not file a w-2 also I was living at a shelter for 6 months up until December of 2009 then moved with my grandmother. i also have two kids. The Lady in the Fasa office made me feel small because I lived in the shelter. She kept talking down to me as if I am some kind of loser. Anyways, She said I need to request a paper from the IRS stating that I did not work for 2009. And then she could complete my FASA. has anyone dealt with this situation before? What is the name of the paper? becasue I called the IRS and they said they never herd of such a circumstance. Any input would be helpful. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>If I were you, I would talk to the director of the FA office. That seems strange that she's asking you to ask the IRS to verify you didn't work. Also, that is completely rude of her to talk down to you. Definitely bring it up with someone higher.</p>

<p>I thought so too. She said out of 600,000 application mines was being audited. I thought that was weird because I don't have a job. How can person who did not have a job for 2009-10 be audited? I did not receive anything from the IRS and called them and they said I was not being audited. I plan on calling her tomorrow and hopefully rectify the situation. Did anyone ever have to bring in something to state they did not work? If you cannot file a tax return does that hurt my FASA eligibility?</p>

<p>Audited? Did she mean verification? IRS audits and FAFSA verifications are independent of each other.</p>

<p>Not being able to file a tax return SHOULDN'T hurt your FAFSA eligibility.</p>

<p>Again, I would call the director.</p>

<p>Yes, are you certain she wasn't asking you for verification of your unemployment? If you received unemployment compensation that would be reflected in your tax return...there would also be paperwork from your state that should satisfy that requirement in addition to your tax return. I agree you need to have someone clarify for you what it is they need. You do not "file" a W-2, a W-2 is the form you receive when you work for income, however your state most likely sends you a 1099 or some other form that reflects the unemployment income that is used to file the tax return. Also when you file for unemployment you receive a verification form form your state that would also validate unemployment. Next time you talk to them keep asking question until you are certain you understand which form and perhaps bring a notepad you you write down the correct form names/numbers that are needed for verification. An audit/verification is not a big deal, just supply them with what they need to check your FAFSA.</p>

<p>ok thanks. I don't have unemployment benefits nor have i ever receive them. I will just stop by and make sure she clarifies it to me tomorrow.</p>

<p>ok the paper she needs is a verification of non filing.It is a letter from the IRS which states that there is no record of income tax being filed. I have to wait until June 15 to file though. then it takes 14 business days to send the letter to my home. Thanks everyone.</p>

<p>You can go to your local IRS center and get a form the same day.Go to irs.gov and look for locations in your area.I had to do it for myself when I was seeking MCSE certification and was registering fir the program.</p>