Fashion Design

<p>My d is very interested in Philadelphia U for Fashion Design. We visited and liked the campus a lot. Can anyone tell me their experiences in the program? Are you happy with your choice? How are the internships? What were your stats to get in?

<p>I'm Anthony, from Brooklyn, New York and I got into the Engineering Program at Philadelphia University. My grades were okay. I had 83 and SAT of 1110 and went to specilized high school with a lot of college courses taken. I like small schools and in my mind, Philadelphia is right for me. Its 15 minutes from the city, and at first, when I visited the school in winter, it was dead, no campus life, outside and mostly inside because people leave the campuses and fridays, many usually don't have classes, and parties are all night on weekends in different schools in Pennslyvania. So they sleep, than stay late at parties. In the summer, it was great, everyone was outside and many things happeneing. people are really nice. The majority of the school is White, but it is becoming more diverse as years come. anyways, I have much more to say. You can call me at 1917-378-3002 and my email is <a href=""></a> and if u do email, just say you are from college confidential.</p>