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<p>Check out this article from the New York Observer dated September 12th. Look at Paragraphs 11 and 12:</p>

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<p>That's too funny, best line....well i hope they got some free shoes</p>

<p>have to love the way the merchant marine uniform is depicted "quasi-military." :) </p>

<p>overall a funny little blip into the life of a plebe.</p>

<p>These young guys have such a cool life!</p>

<p>OK the venue may have changed but the tactics and mission seem to be the same.
Ancient Mariner</p>

<p>Just sent Ms. Ho the following email:</p>

<p>Dear Ms. Ho,</p>

<p>I very much enjoyed your column that ran on page 13 in the 9/18/2006 edition of The New York Observer titled Frock You Very Much. A year ago, it could have been my son looking for hot models.</p>

<p>In the piece you stated, "A few hours later, in the same location—and just before the U.P.S.-sponsored Sari Gueron show—four young men from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, Long Island, waited for standing room in their crisp quasi-military whites—the Merchant Marine being civilian except in times of war."</p>

<p>Actually, the uniforms the Midshipmen were wearing are official US Navy uniforms. Midshipmen at the United States Merchant Marine Academy are commissioned into the United States Naval Reserve, as are the Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD. Moreover, unlike their counterparts at other service Academies, the students of the USMMA receive an integral part of their training at sea, and in the Second World War often found their lives in peril as they sailed through enemy-controlled waters or unloaded precious cargo in overseas combat areas. In all, 142 such cadet/midshipmen never returned to home port. For that reason, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is privileged among the nation's five federal academies to be the only institution authorized to carry a battle standard as part of its color guard. </p>

<p>Since then, Kings Point Midshipmen have served in every conflict since WW II and today over 200 Midshipman have participated in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. As I write this, my son is on his second trip to Iraq bringing reconstruction supplies to the Port of Umm Qasr.</p>

<p>I just thought you'd like to know, and if you would be kind enough to fill your readers in it would be greatly appreciated. </p>

<p>Thanks, and Fair Winds, </p>

<p>Kevin Billings
Parent of Midshipman Class of 2009</p>

<p>"Dear Ms. Ho"..... Kinda has a ring to it doesn't it? LOL Go get 'em LFWBDad! :)
Hope the boys atleast got their kiss. And a big welcome here kpmariner87.</p>

<p>Now that their cover has been blown maybe we could get one of the plebes to post the photos.</p>

<p>The letter to Miz Ho was right on target. Fashion Week in New York is overall an exercise in self adulation on the part of the fashionistas and their drones. If Miz Ho issues a correction I will be surprised.</p>