Fashion Institute of Technology transfer???

<p>Hi, Im currently a junior in high school, but im already putting thought into my future.
I would like to major in Graphic Design and possibly work for a fashion magazine.
Anyways, I really want to go to FIT, but of course i can't afford all 4 years,
I've thought about going to the community college near my house then to FIT.
To apply for a bachelors degree in graphic design though, it says on the site you must </p>

<p>"meet one of the following criteria by the time you enroll at FIT:
-you will have an associate’s or bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college in a program that is equivalent to the FIT Communication Design AAS program
-you will have earned at least 60 credits toward a bachelor's degree in an equivalent program at a regionally accredited college."</p>

<p>I looked at the associates program at my CC and it does have Communication Design AAS
but, i compared the classes you're required to take to the ones at FIT and they seem a bit different?
Im really confused , does it matter as long as i get the same degree?
or do i have to take the same classes regardless of the degree?

<p>bumppppp :&lt;/p>