Fashion journalism in a college setting?

<p>I'm applying to colleges this coming year and I already know what I want to do in life. Fashion journalism. I can't draw at all so fashion design is out of the question, however, my two passions are writing and fashion. I want to do all that a fashion journalist experiences. I don't want to go to a design school such as Parsons, FIT or anything similar because I simply want to experience the typical college life- school spirit, Greek life, college parties, dorm rooms, athletic games, etc. Although I want to earn a degree in fashion journalism or something similar to help me pursue my dream of working at a fashion magazine. Any suggestions of several colleges similar to the type of college I described that offer fashion journalism as a major?</p>

<p>One recommendation I have for you, and not to let you down, but some J-schools might be unsupportive of your wanting to work in <em>fashion</em> journalism as opposed to more traditional journalism. I watched this first hand where some high school journalism teachers and a couple of professors tore this girl apart when she talked about her dream of working for Vogue. So just be cautious in voicing where you want your Journalism degree to take you - but it sounds like you are mostly interested in schools that aren't too snobbishly serious, so this may not be a problem.</p>

<p>One idea is looking at where certain fashion publications are based out of and find schools in that area with journalism majors. Or contact the magazine and ask where interns most often come from. You may not find a fashion journalism major with your other specifications (but good luck!), but you can intern at a fashion magazine more easily, given the right credentials.</p>

<p>I dreamed for years of being a music journalist, which is similar in that it is part of the less newsy side of journalism, and requires expertise in something in addition to writing.</p>

<p>See if this list helps you at all - it's meant for aspiring music journalists, but I think it sort of applies: Alternative</a> Press | Contributors | 10 For Music Journo Students Also, start your own fashion blog! :)</p>

<p>Also, look to see what paths were taken by famous fashion journalists as a starting point. Or study up on The Devil Wears Prada :D (I, as an aspiring music journalist have to remind myself that that's a movie of relevance to an aspiring fashion journalist, not just a band!)</p>